Monday, February 8, 2010

The Tiny, Affordable Ray Pico Projector

The Tiny, Affordable Ray Pico Projector

The Ray liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) pico projector from Ray Displays may not be much bigger than a deck of cards, but the tiny projector packs a lot of punch. According to PC World, the little projector displays video, photos, and media "fairly well," but it turned out to be an excellent projector for displaying text. In an iPod PowerPoint presentation test, the magazine said the projector, "displayed bright, legible text in various fonts, but dull, washed-out color hampered its graphics quality." This means the projector would probably be great for business presentations, and high school and college classrooms.

The projector has a brightness of 10 lumens. It also features a 20,000-hour LED light source, VGA resolution, a 2 hour battery life and stereo speakers. According to the review, the speakers aren't the best quality and you may want to consider purchasing a separate sound system. It's only .7 x 2.3 x 4.4 inches and weighs only five ounces with the battery. It displays a viewable 40-inch diagonal image on any light color surface, under subdued light, at a distance of five feet. In dark settings, the display is even larger. If you want to watch a movie on an Ultra Portable Projector you will find the motion is smooth, but the colors aren't quite as vibrant as they would be if you watched the movie in another capacity.

It's easy to use and set-up. It includes a power switch, focus knob, a single 2.5mm audio/video input, and power input. It also connects to several other devices, however, if you'd like to connect it to your iPhone 3GS or a fifth-generation iPod Nano, you'll need to purchase a cable that is not included with the projector. Also, it doesn't have built-in memory or a card reader, VGA port, and the battery isn't removable.

When you purchase tiny projector, it comes with a flexible mini-tripod and various video cables that allow you to connect it to your other devices, as well as a on-year warranty on the projector and battery. Best of all, the projector will only cost you about $229. While it may not be idea for all of your needs, if you present mostly text and aren't to focused on graphics and images, this inexpensive, basic pico projector may be a good investment.

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