Monday, August 27, 2012

New Short-Throw VPL-BW120S Projector Debuted by Sony

Sony, who is known for being quite successful in a variety of different technological fields, has just unveiled its latest addition to the company's long line of projectors with the debut of the VPL-BW120S. The new VPL-BW120S is the latest projector from Sony to fall under the home theater category, which means that this device is perfect for living rooms, entertainment centers or anywhere else you want to enjoy your favorite movies, television shows and games in your home.

This projector also features space-saving and glare-less short throw technology crafted by Sony. What this means is that this projector is perfect for use in the home or other industries that find short-throw projecting a necessity. In addition to that, this technology allows the VPL-BW120S to project images of up to 100 inches diagonally from a distance of only 4 feet away. As a point of reference, a typical projector requires around 14 to 15 feet of distance from the screen or wall it is projecting on.

The VPL-BW120S also comes with a brightness of 2,600 lumens, allowing you to experience a clearer projection in a variety of lighting settings, just like you would with a normal television. This saves you from having to constantly pull the blinds on your windows or hang sheets or blankets to block out the sun if you want to watch something in the daytime. What's more is that this device also features rich color reproduction along with a high contrast ratio and a 12-bit gamma correction for smooth color gradients.

According to Head of Marketing for B2B Products and Solutions at Sony Professional Solutions MEA Hidenori Taguchi, "We have seen great interest from consumers to replicate theater-like experiences in their homes; however, what hindered this move was the expense involved in such a replication as well as the aesthetic barriers of placing projectors in a living room. We expect the VPL-BW120S to be well received by this audience as it is designed to ensure that families and friends enjoy clear projection without compromising on clarity, space and energy efficiency. With Sony's VPL-BW120S, families will not have to arrange their living arrangement around the projector - but instead can easily fit the projector into their existing living arrangement."

It is expected that the new VPL-BW120S short-throw projector from Sony will hit store shelves at the end of August, which is in about four days, so be on the lookout for this device if you are considering going the projector route for your home entertainment solution.

Source: - Sony releases new home projector

Monday, August 13, 2012

General Imaging's iPico Projector Coming Holiday 2012

General Imaging has recently announced the release of the iPico, a portable projector designed for iPhones and iPod Touch devices. All you have to do is insert your device into the pop-up connector on the iPico and you will be able to share pictures, videos, movies, YouTube and Facebook with anybody, anywhere and anytime. Images can be produced in up to a 50" picture with the iPico, which will retail for $129.99 when it is released in time for the 2012 holiday shopping season.

No cables are needed with the iPico as the pop-up connector is all you need to start projecting. Just slide in your device, focus on any flat surface and instantly start projecting. This is perfect for those situations when you capture the perfect video on your phone and want to show it to all your friends and family. Instead of passing the iPhone around or trying to crowd everybody around it, simply attach the iPico and show the images to everybody in a comfortable setting.

The device itself only weighs 3.35 ounces and is about 2/3 the width of an iPhone. The pop-up connector, which is only half an inch thick, neatly slides down into the dock when not in use and easily fits inside your pocket or bag. When you are using the iPico to project, the device conveniently holds your device in place and, in most cases, doesn't require removing the protective case from your iPhone or iPod.

According to General Imaging's Vice President of Marketing and Product Placement Paul Meyhoefer, "We've watched the phenomenal growth of portable devices and smart phones and have tapped into the borderline obsession these owners have with their devices. Combine the explosion of social media and the need to share almost every aspect of one's life with those around them, we believe iPico is a valuable accessory that allows these technology devotees to do just that."

Like I said earlier, the iPico from General Imaging will be available by the 2012 holiday shopping season for $129.99. It will come with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and a USB charging cable and should be a good device for anybody who sees the need for anytime, on-the-go projecting.

Source: The Gadgeteer - Be a Big Show Off with the iPico Projector