Thursday, February 18, 2010

Casio's New Line of Green Slim Projectors

Casio's New Line of Green Slim Projectors
Earlier this year, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Casio announced a new line "green" projectors. Based on the hybrid laser and LED light source the company developed, the projectors are mercury-free.

Despite being mercury-free, the Green Slim projectors have brightness levels of anywhere from 2,000 -3,000 lumens. The projectors will come in a diverse lineup, with models that can do anything from accommodate WXGA Real display at 1,280-by-800 dpi to project without a computer, yet communicate wirelessly with computers. The line's light source uses a blue light that comes from a blue laser, green light converted from the blue with a fluorescent element, and also, light from a high-lumen red LED through a DLP chip onto the screen.

The portable projectors will be 1.7 x 11 x 8.5 inches and weigh about five pounds. The laser and LED hybrid light source is said to improve color purity compared to lamps that do use mercury. The lamps are said to last about 20,000 hours compared to 2,000 hours of Casio's other products. Also, no cool-down is needed when you turn the projectors off and upon turning them on, you'll reach maximum brightness in only eight seconds. They come with a side-angle 2X optical zoom lens and automatically correct vertical distortion due to projector position making them very versatile.

So what other kind of features will the Green Slim projectors have?

- Four of the models - the XJ-A255, XJ-250, XJ-A245 and XJ-A240 - will accommodate WXGA Real display at 1,280 by 800 dpi, which allows for both real size and wide presentations.

- Four of the models - the XJ-A255, XJ-A245, XJ-A155, and the XJ-A145 - can communicate wirelessly with up to four computers and can project presentations, spreadsheets, word-processor documents, PDF files and other computer data, still images (JPEG/BMP), and moving images (AVI format: Motion JPEG) by simply using USB memory.

- The projectors can also connect directly to a Multiprojection Camera YC-430, which can project non-digitized and even 3-D objects.

Casino hasn't said how much the projectors will cost, or when they'll be available, but they do plan to add more products to the Green Slim line. The new products will also use the hybrid LED and laser light source.

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