Saturday, February 6, 2010

InFocus's 5 New Entry-Level Projectors

InFocus's 5 New Entry-Level Projectors

Projector maker InFocus has announced five new DLP entry-level projectors. Part of the IN2100 and IN3100 series, these are brighter than most entry-level projectors with 3,000 to 3,500 lumens. They are great for classrooms or any rooms with varying light conditions.

The In2112, In2114, and IN 2116, are part of the In2100 series. They are the first InFocus projectors to offer networking functionality for under $1,000. They come with a long-life lamp, two computer and assignable audio inputs for multiple presenters, and several security features.

The IN3114 and IN3116 are a little more expensive and include HDMI support for use with modern computers and HDTV. They also feature DisplayLink for USB Connectivity, LitePort for presentations without a computer, LiteShow II that allow multiple users to connect wirelessly via WiFi, and Wireless DisplayLink for point-to-point connectivity over Ultra-Wideband.

All five of the new projectors are "green" and offer an Eco Mode, which allows the projectors to consume less energy when in use and less than one watt in standby mode. The projectors' native resolutions range from SVGA (800 x 60) to a maximum WUXGA (1,900 x 1,200) and each of them uses InFocus BrilliantColor, as well as a filter-ree, dust-resistant design for less maintenance.

The IN2112, IN2114 and IN3114 are available now and the IN2116 and IN3116, which are widescreen models, will be available later this year. The projectors in the IN2100 series start at $599, while the projectors in the IN3100 series start at $1,499.

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