Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canon's LV Series Gets Updated with 5 New LCD Projectors

Canon LV SeriesPeople tend to get excited when companies release new products. Typically a company will release one or two things at once, but if you are Canon, that just won't suffice. Canon has just released five, that's right five, new multimedia LCD projectors that are said to offer extremely sharp images and very bright projections.

These five new LCD projectors help update Canon's ultra-portable LV series of projectors. The five new models consist of the LV-8225, LV-7490, LV-7390, LV-7295 and LV-7290. Each of these projectors features a wide-angle 1.2x zoom projection lens as well as a 10W speaker.

All of the new LV projectors also offer XGA resolutions in order to deliver a sharp image and a bright, clear projection. That is, of course, unless you get the LV-8225. This sucker only has a native WXGA resolution.

There are a lot of other great features that come with these new projectors. They all come with an extended 6,000 hour lamp, filters that last up to 5,000 hours and less than 1W of power consumption in standby mode. It is no surprise that these devices are definitely designed to be energy efficient.

The LV-8225 has a 1,280x800 native resolution as well as a 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio with a 2,500 lumen output so it isn't as high-end as the other projectors in the series.
The brightest projector is definitely the LV-7490 with a 4,000 lumen output. This makes it perfect to run in places that are larger or have more ambient light. The LV-7390, LV-7295 and LV-7290 have brightnesses of 3,000, 2,600 and 2,200 lumens respectively.

Visual Communication Product and Solutions Director for Canon Julian Rutland had this to say about the new line of projectors, "We are pleased to update our LV range to offer businesses of all sizes and budgets a range of cost-effective options with no compromise on quality."

All five of the new projectors will be available to the public in April, 2011.

Source: Projector Point - Canon adds five new LCD projectors to LV range

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ray Displays Pico Projector: Perfect Companion for the Traveling Salesman

by Kyle Michael

The Ray Displays “Ray” Pico Projector can be described as a “no frills” pico projector with ultra-portability.

If you are looking for a compact pico with portability over power, this is the way to go. The Ray displays text but lacks somewhat in resolution. However, it makes sales presentations look fantastic. At a very reasonable price point, this pico makes the perfect travel companion for the traveling salesman.
If you are looking for crisp resolution and something for entertainment purposes, this pico will suffice but there are other pocket projectors out there that are made specifically for entertainment purposes. The Ray lite gives you a no-frills pocket projector that offers an alternative to pricey picos that can range in price from $500-$1000.

Indeed, the Ray Displays pocket projector provides you with unsurpassed quality and durability with ultra portability. These qualities make it a perfect companion when you must travel. The Ray is the ultimate presentation device because you can project directly from your iPhone or portable media device with ease. As far as a business presentation tool goes, this is a must have.

I recently used my Ray for an out of state sales presentation. Rather than conducting the meeting in a boring conference room, we met for lunch and used a private dining room. The portability of the gadget really came in handy when all I needed was my iPhone, the connection cable and the small pico. The meeting really went over well because we were able to get out of the office, enjoy a nice lunch out and still take care of business, and it was all made possible by Ray Displays and the Ray Lite. Give yourself the option of a creative presentation tool that will impress your current or future clients and allow you the freedom to go anywhere.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Optoma's Neo-i iPhone/iPod Pico Projector

Optoma Neo-iA lot of people thought that pico projectors were going to be the next big thing. Sadly for those people, the technology never really took off. Pico projectors have become more of a device nice to have but not something necessary to have. However, Optoma has a very interesting new take on pico projectors and it is known as the Neo-i which combines an iPod/iPhone speaker dock with a tabletop projector.

Unfortunately for most, the Neo-i is not cheap coming in with a $449 price tag, however, the specs are quite a bit better than your typical pico projector. The Neo-i has a 50 ANSI lumen DLP projector which offers WVGA (854x480 pixels) resolution in 16:9 format. It also has a full-bodied 16 watt stereo system built directly into the dock. The Neo-i can also run using an optional outboard battery pack. The bulb on the Neo-i is also rated at having a 20,000 hour life.

As opposed to Optoma's much smaller PK301 pico projector, which Optoma says has the same light source, Optoma is not classifying the Neo-i as a portable device. In contrast to that, however, the Neo-i only measures 12.8 inches deep by 3.1 inches tall and only weighs 2.5 pounds which makes the device small enough and light enough to be transported.

The style of the device looks slick and based on the picture above it appears that it has slots for VGA out, HDMI out, AV in, Audio out and DC in and the control buttons seem to be touch sensitive with illuminating backlight. Head on over to cnet for the full review.

Source: cnet News - Review: Optoma's Neo-i iPod/iPhone projector
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