Monday, February 15, 2010

InFocus ScreenPlay 8602 Home Theater

InFocus ScreenPlay 8602 Home Theater

On February 8, 2010, InFocus announced its newest ScreenPlay projector is now available to customers. The InFocus SP8602 Home Theater projector brings your movies to life! You'll feel like you're in a movie theater while in the comfort of your own home.

It features up to 300 inches of crisp images with bold blacks and bright colors, and a native 1080p resolution. It can be used in multipurpose rooms and can even be used with the lights on and it offers high-performance adjustable optics, a 30,000: 1 maximum contrast ratio, and video-optimized 1300 lumens. With its Texas Instruments DLP(R) DarkChip technology with BrilliantColor, it can display one billion colors with amazing accuracy. It also features Pixelworks DNX 10-bit video processing, which allows for super-smooth playback of film and video. The proprietary motion engine with 120Hz support allows for faster transition between frames and fast color refresh.

"The sleek design, simple user interface and plethora of features makes this projector one of the best home theater models available on the market. The SP8602 recreates a true cinematic experience with astounding realism that will amaze both casual and hard-core home theater enthusiasts," Benjamin Joy, the product line director at InFocus, said in a press release.

If you're looking to upgrade from 480p or 720p projectors, the SP8602 is a great choice. Installation and projection are made easier with the automatic ceiling detection that will flip the image when necessary, centered lens with manual lens shifts that can work on images up to 300 inches, and image warping to adjust the picture and produce square crisp images on various surfaces. It also offers the latest in HD connectivity, with analog and digital connections, including two HDMI 1.3 ports.

Not only does it function well, but can also choose what color projector you want, making it an attractive accessory to your living room or home theater. Choose between matte black, glossy black, walnut or pre-primed for a custom finish. The integrated cable management system makes it so that cables are out of sight, adding to its attractiveness.

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