Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Canon Adds Six New LCD Projectors

Canon Adds Six New Projectors

Canon is adding to its line of LCD multimedia projectors in a big way. The company has announced six new projectors aimed at educational and business presenter: two new 1280 x 800 widescreen models and four new 1024 x 768 models.

The LV-8310 and the LV-8215 (the WXGA resolution models) have a 16:10 aspect ration, which means they'll work great with a widescreen laptop or desktop computer. Together with the other four models - the LV-7385, LV-7380, LV-7285, and LV-7280 - the six projectors are great for areas where ambient light can't be controlled. They are all high-lumens projectors and it breaks down like this: the LV-7385 has 3,500 lumens; the LV-8310 and LV-7380 have 3,000 lumens; the LV-8215 and LV-7285 have 2,600 lumens; and the LV-7280 has 2,200 lumens.

All six of the projectors have multiple inputs, allowing for a variety of functions. Some of these include a DVI-I interface for digital connection, and the RS-232 port. They also feature a RJ-45 network port which allows users of larger audio visual systems to connect to a network and manage the projector from a remote location.

The projectors are environmentally-friendly. They have lamp-lighting systems that help reduce power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by operating at low wattage. At the same time, they have lamp lives of up to 4,000 hours or 5,000 hours in quiet mode. They also feature Auto Energy Saver which means the projectors will switch to quiet mode when there is no input signal for over a minute. This will not only save energy, but help prolong your projector's life. An additional power-saving standby mode reduces the projector's standby power consumption to less than 1W.

The projectors will begin shipping in April and feature a three-year warranty, as well as the Projector Protection Program, which allows users to borrow an equal or great value projector during any potential repair time. Prices are as follows: the LV-8310 and LV-8215 projectors have a suggested retail price of $1,199 and $1,099, while the LV-7385, LV-7380, LV-7285 and LV-7280 will sell for $1,699, $999, $899, and $799, respectively.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Acer's New 3D Projectors

Acer's New 3D Projectors

3D was all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, and Acer is getting a headstart on the trend by announcing its two new Vidia 3D Vision-Ready video projectors.

The Acer H5360 projector beams content at 720p. According to Acer, it's rated at up to 2600 ANSI lumens and a 3200:1 contrast ratio. It also has a varied input panel. The panel features a HDMi port, three RCA jacks, component video, S-video mini DIN, 2.5mm audio mini-jack, and a 15-pin D-Sub. It's the higher quality of the two projectors.

The other one is the Acer X1261. It boasts a native XGA resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio, however Acer says it can be adjusted to a 16.9 aspect ratio. It is rated at up to 2500 ANSI lumens and a 3700:1 contrast ratio and its input panel includes a composite, component, S-video mini DIM, and a stereo mini jack.

"The new Acer video projectors provide incredibly compelling and realistic 3D video and images that make customers feel like they are part of the experience," Irene Chan, senior product marketing manager for peripherals for Acer America, said in a statement.

Both projectors are capable of handling 3D content when combined with 3D Vision Technology from Nvidia. They are both available now. The H5360 starts at $699 and the X1261 starts at $579.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Dell Wireless 3D-Capable S300w Short-Throw Projector

Dell S300w 3D-Capable ProjectorDell has just released their newest product to come off of their projector line, the S300w. The S330w was designed primarily with presentations in mind though it does work well in classroom settings as well as in home theaters. The S300w is an all around well developed projector with a pretty nice spec sheet and some cool features.

First of all, the S300w is completely wireless. This gives a greater sense of flexibility and mobility than you have with most other projectors creating less of a hassle when you want to use it. To add even more flexibility, Dell has included what they call a Plug-and-Show via USB ability which provides direct and hassle free projection through a USB flash drive plugged into your PC.

The S300w is capable of eliminating shadows on the presentation screen while the speaker is between the projector and the screen and is ideal for short-throw distances. The S300w produces 2200 ANSI lumens (max) brightness as well as a high 2400:1 typical (full on/full off) contrast ratio. A WXGA (1280x800) native resolution with a native 16:10 aspect ratio gives you a greater picture quality with over 30% more pixels than XGA (1024x768). Also tacked on to the S300w is high-definition 720p. The device can also project a 90-inch image from three feet away as well as a 60-inch image from two feet away.

To further the image quality Dell has added DLP and BrilliantColor technology to boost the picture for increased reliability. With the S300w you will also get Crestron RoomView Express for free. Crestron RoomView Express gives administrators and support staff the ability to perform remote system diagnostics, monitor lamp life, log network activity and even automate tasks through event scheduling.

The wireless capabilities of the S300w are also top notch. The S300w has standard 4-to-1 split screen projection which allows the device to project up to four different user screens simultaneously. This allows real-time side-by-side comparisons which can come in handy in more ways than one. The S300w can also wirelessly connect to as many as 20 different PCs at the same time, allowing people from various locations to communicate and present their ideas simultaneously.

A Conference-Control function has been implemented into S300w. This allows a moderator or conference leader to control and streamline presentations through a web-based control page. The S300w also offers multiple connectivity options which enhances multimedia presentations. This comes with an HDMI connector, microphone port and dual VGA connections which enable seamless transitions between presenters. RJ-45 gives the user network manageability including power management, updating firmware, checking status, receiving email alerts and much much more.

The coolest feature included into the S300w is the option of making your projector 3D capable. While not standard, the S300w is capable of adapting to 3D, allowing you the chance to get all those new 3D Blu-ray movies coming out soon.

The S300w is EuP compliant and consumes less than 1 watt of electricity in standby mode and has a lamp life of up to 5000 hours. Password protection as well as a security-cable slot help guard against any unauthorized access. Dell also adds a 2-year limited hardware warranty as well as a 2-year Advanced Exchange Service and an optional limited hardware warranty Accidental Damage Service.

Overall the S300w is a very good short-throw projector. It has a ton of features that make it perfect for classroom and meeting presentations and it comes with some great home theater options. The fully customizable S300w is available now for $999.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Projector Rentals for Family Reunions

Projector Rentals for Family Reunions
Because our lives are busier and we're moving further apart, family reunions are becoming more and more popular. They allow us to catch up and keep up with family members who we don't get to see as often as we'd like and have a good time. Maybe they last a day or an entire weekend, but either way, family members eventually have to part ways. By putting together a slide show for your family reunion, you can make any family members feel like they were a part of your life for every special moment throughout the year.

Family Reunion Projector Rentals are great for a number of reasons:

1. If you'd like to honor older members of the family, a slideshow of photos from various moments throughout their lives will show younger generations what life was like when Grandma and Grandpa were young.

2. Get the whole family involved by proposing a theme such as "family vacations" or "holidays" and have attendees send you their photos from those times.

3. If you want to simply use the slideshow to catch up, have all family members send you photos from various important events, be it little Katie's dance recital or Jack's high school graduation. Put together a slideshow that will keep the whole family updated on everyone's year.

A slideshow at your family reunion will most certainly be memorable and possibly the highlight of the entire gathering. At RentOurProjectors.com, we can help by providing you with the perfect projector rental no matter where you're located or for how long you need it. Through one point of contact, we can have a high quality projector delivered anywhere in the United States. Just visit RentOurProjectors.com or call 800-736-8772 to get a fast quote or book your projector rental today!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

NEC's New DLP Projector for Schools

NEC's New DLP Projector for Schools
NEC, a company that makes commercial LCD displays and projector solutions, has announced the latest in their NP Portable Series, a fully-featured NP216 DLP projector, which is perfect for educational environments.

It provides brilliants images, advanced capabilities with educational applications or conference room users that would like to use DLP technology and comprehensive connectivity. Both teachers and professionals will enjoy the dual VGA inputs that enhance the user experience by allow multiple computer inputs. In addition, the input panel includes improved RS-232 and RJ45 connections for advanced control and asset management.

Developed by Texas Instruments, the latest in DLP Link technology allows users to project 3D images, which in turn, allows teachers to grab students' attention and keep them engaged like never before. And the variable audio-out feature enables users to connect self-powered external speakers to ensure proper sound for any size classroom.

"NEC’s new NP216 offers educators flexible connectivity options that work for them and allows simple technology integration into the classroom. Teachers and corporate users alike will find the expansive feature set to be incredibly versatile and functional, providing them with the tools they need to effectively communicate to their audience.” Rich McPherson, NEC's product manager for projectors said in a press release.

The NP216's lamp life is 5000 hours with the use of its ECO ModeT technology. Power consumption is 217W (0.49 in standby mode). The projector turns off automatically when an incoming signal is not detected on any input and it takes only about three or four seconds to shut down and start up, meaning there is no need for a cooling period or no long wait when you need to use it quick. The included remote control even includes a green ECO Mode button that works alongside a carbon footprint meter to improve the projector's environmental impact.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Business Presentation Projector Rentals

Business Presentation Projector Rentals

When you have a big business presentation coming up, finding the perfect projector should be the least of your worries. After all, you have to focus on selling your product, service or concept to your audience. You've probably worked hard, coming up with the perfect pitch, putting together the perfect Powerpoint presentation, and studying up on your topic, among other things.

At RentOurProjectors.com, we can take care of all of your Business Presentation Projector Rental needs. Whether you'll be making your presentation on the road or right in your own conference room, we can deliver to any location in the United States. This will save you time, the burden of traveling with or setting up a projector, and even save you money. We have some of the most competitive rates in the business!

Next time you are putting together a big presentation, remember the following:

1. Include only the most essential information in your slideshow

2. Use easy-to-read fonts and contrasting colors to make your information stand out.

3. Include photos, graphs, charts and other information that captures attention.

4. Visit RentOurProjectors.com for high quality projector rentals.

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