Monday, December 16, 2013

New Projectors Allow For 2x3D Viewing

Projectors seem to be getting more and more advanced as the days go by. With more advancements in overall resolution output and color contrast, we see many of the new products bleeding together. Not many of the new projectors offer anything different from each other, other than a brand name and subtle spec differences. 3D projectors offer the 3D experience that we've come to know and love. 2D allows for higher resolution rates and is the standard in the home theater system. What if there were a projector, or projectors, that could make 2D and 3D possible at the same time?

Researchers from the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan have now made this possible.

Through using a pair of projectors working in tandem with one another, a "2x3D" image is displayed. This basically means that the image displayed can be viewed in both 2D and 3D simultaneously. There are specifications that will need to be met to view the 3D and 2D images on the same "screen though.

The projectors have the two separate images run through a specialized GPU in real-time. The GPU uses a series of advanced algorithms that allow both images to be displayed without having the "double" image that is accompanied with typical 3D imaging. This paired up with color mixing techniques also produced from the projectors' GPU, the 3D image will appear "invisible" unless viewed through polarized lenses.

This type of "screen sharing" is actually reminiscent of a 3D TV monitor from Sony's Playstation that allowed two players to play on the same full sized screen without seeing what the 2nd player would see. Through the TV's "SimulView", the monitor was able to perform the same basic principles as the Japanese projectors.

The one downside of the imaging is that the 2D image is half the contrast of the 3D image . But there could be prime uses for this product such as having two separate images being displayed at the same time without any screen overlay. Displaying in different languages for business meetings, or two separate graphs without overlap.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

New 4K HD Projectors From Sony Starting At $15,000

Whether it be for a home theater, or your business office's conference room, a top of the line projector can really make a difference in quality and size. Sony has already released their line of 4K TV's already in production, along with a respectively sized price tag. The projector's by Sony have already seen consumer production in SD, HD, and even 3D models, but have now decided to step up their game. 4K HD projector models from Sony are now in production.

A little over a month ago at CEDIA 2013, Sony came with a new line of projectors; the new SXRD projectors to be exact. Their new line featured two different 4K models and one 1080p HD model.

Now if your business or home theater system needs the top of the line in projector imaging, both 4K models, the VPL-VW1100ES and the cheaper VPL-VW600ES will both offer you a 4,096 x 2,160 pixel count. Since both are offering the same pixel count, what would constitute the price difference? The only notable differences between the 1100ES and the 600ES is that the 600ES will be featured with lower contrast and brightness levels in a tinier frame. The price difference between the two is quite a huge jump though. The VPL-VW1100ES will put you back a pretty $28,000 while the VPL-VW600ES (with the exact same pixel count) will only run you about half the price at $15,000. If you or your company need the prettiest picture with the highest brightness and contrast, be ready to drop twice as much for that luxury.

If both of the models are a bit rich for your blood, the VPL-HW55ES is the newest edition to the 1080p projector line from Sony. The 55ES is now available for commercial sales with a better cooling system to help with the longevity of the lamp and "increased optical efficiency". The greatly decreased price tag of $4,000 should also be a good incentive to pick this up, especially if you or the office aren't quite ready for 4K displays.

After seeing how the prices for the 4K TV's have slowly decreased, it can only be assumed that the projectors too will start to come down in price in the same rough time frame. Most companies could greatly benefit from the two 4K projectors, especially for larger conference rooms or even large scale events where an increased pixel count could really help with the visual display. The 1080p model seems more suited for smaller businesses or home theaters and could make a great gift this holiday season to really help complete that top of the line home entertainment system in the man cave.

The VPL-HW55ES is available now. Both 4K models, the VPL-VW1100ES and the VPL-VW600ES, will be available later this month for consumers.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Mobile iPower Sight Projector from iPowerUp

According to manufacturer iPowerUp, the iPower Sight is a small box projector that is capable of producing images from your smartphone, tablet or computer in sizes of up to 200" diagonally, which is saying a lot for a device that can fit in your pocket.

The projector itself is indeed small, measuring 4 x 4 3/4" and weighing a little over 3 ounces. Even though these measures aren't exactly "pocket-sized", it is still pretty small for a projector and is definitely mobile. Like I mentioned earlier, this projector is capable of producing images of up to 200" diagonally, though you really only want to utilize this feature if you are in a completely dark room and only if you are using an actual projector screen instead of a wall or flat surface.

For quick use in average conditions, a 50" image from the iPower Sight on a white wall is completely adequate. Actually, when you consider the size of the projector, you come to realize that the picture quality is pretty impressive as the projector uses a DLP chip covered in tiny mirrors that reflect LED light onto the screen.

This projector's lamp is capable of producing 85 lumens of brightness, which is better than almost every projector of this size, and is capable of producing images with a resolution of 845 by 480, qualifying it as a high-definition projector. Unlike most projectors that require a power outlet in order to function, the Sight is capable of running on battery power, though it only lasts for about two hours.

There are on-board speakers for sound output anywhere, anytime, though connecting to a speaker dock or another set of external speakers is a good idea if you want the best sound quality possible, especially if you will be using this projector frequently for video watching.

If you want something that is highly mobile and capable of producing a pretty good image from your smartphone, tablet or computer then iPower's Sight projector is a good find. At a price of $350, this isn't a bad deal if you are looking to take this projector on the road with you or if you want to put something in your child's bedroom in lieu of a television.

Source: The New York Times - A Big Picture From a Small Projector