Monday, January 4, 2010

Hitachi CP-D10 Projector

Hitachi CP-D10Looking for a projector for your small conference rooms or classrooms? The check out the CP-D10 from Hitachi. The CP-D10 is a smaller XGA LCD projector created with small rooms in mind. The CP-D10 is considered a "short throw" projector and for a number of different reasons. It can project an 80" image diagonally from as far away as 3 feet. This projector uses a fixed normal lens that projects through a second convex lens. By doing this the projector only allows digital zooming and it also requires the user to place the projector at a proper distance for you desired screen size.

To get into some specific specs, the CP-D10 has a specified output of 2000 lumens as well as a 400:1 contrast ratio. Portability is also a good thing to have with projectors, especially if you have to lug from conference room to conference room or from classroom to classroom. Well the CP-D10 is highly portable weighing only 7.7 pounds and measuring 13.1 inches wide, 11.9 inches deep and 4.1 inches tall. The device has multiple AV connection options including RGB 2in/1out, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video and Audio 3in/1out. The 2000 lumen bulb is said to last up to 4,000 hours in Eco Mode as well.

Being made by Hitachi, its no surprise that the CP-D10 has some of the company's proprietary functions. Functions like MyScreen, which allows the user to set up a personal startup or blank screen with a picture or company logo, MyMemory, which allows the user to save up to 4 memories for adjustment data, MyButton, which is two buttons on the remote that can be programmed for one touch adjustment of picture, input, MyMemory settings, resolution, template display, zoom and more, MyText, which allows the user to enter text for display on the startup input information screens and MySource, which allows for easy selection of input source from the remote control, are all included as well as AMX Device Discovery technology which allows all AMX Integrated Central Controllers to automatically recognize the CP-D10 and systematically load the appropriate communications module or driver, initializing the CP-D10 to be used without any user setup.

Line templates can be accessed from the projector's menu or by MyButton. These can be used for organizing writing on a white board and there are four types of line templates as well as two circle templates and two map templates. Another added feature with the CP-D10 is the option of closed captions. Many projectors on the market can not display closed captions however the CP-D10 is capable of this option which makes it invaluable in schools with hearing-impaired students.

Hitachi is one of the leaders in K-12 classroom projectors and the CP-D10 looks to be right up there with all of Hitachi's other great projectors. With its many features and short throw capabilities, the CP-D10 is a perfect tool for any classroom or small conference room. You can pick up the Hitachi CP-D10 projector now for $999.

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