Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turn Anything Into a Touchscreen with Light Touch

Turn Anything Into a Touchscreen

Touchscreens are all the rage in computers lately and now it looks like the technology will be coming to projectors. Light Blue Optics has announced that its new Light Touch interactive projector will turn any surface into a touchscreen. The company, which develops and supplies miniature projector systems, said its new Light Touch projector uses Holographic Laser Projection (HLP). It uses holographic algorithms to transform images into diffraction patterns which can be shown as a small micro-display. When laser light illuminates the display, the image is formed by diffraction. The technology then helps integrate infrared sensing technology, which then turns the surface into a touchscreen.

For now, the Light Touch projector will only be available to the company's OEM customers and strategic partners.

Light Blue Optics said their goal is to free content from the confines of a small screen while allowing users to interact with the projected content. It runs on Adobe Flash Lite 3.1, which will help developers make new apps for the product. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so that users may connect to the internet to run apps such as social networking, multimedia sharing and electronic point of sale. It has a memory size of 2 GB and can support cards up to 32 GB.

According to the company, today's consumer is not a passive viewer of multimedia content. They believe people want to interact and become engaged, and this product will allow them to do so. They also believe the Light Touch projector's potential extends outside consumer electronics and can serve users in retail spaces, work places, and at home.

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