Monday, December 28, 2009

RoyalTek RPJ-2000 Pico Projector

RoyalTek RPJ-2000 Pico ProjectorRoyalTek out of Taiwan has been working very hard in their pico projector market as they have just announced the first of what seems to be a total of five new pico projectors set to be released during 2010. Introducing RoyalTek's RPJ-2000, a pico projector that packs some pretty good specs.

The RPJ-2000 is the first ever palm-sized pico projector from RoyalTek. The projector is said to use a second generation 3M LCos chipset. The projector is also said to be able to project an image of up to 65-inches with a brightness of 14-lumens and a 640x480 resolution.

The RPJ-2000 comes with VGA and NTSC/PAL TV inputs but does not contain an integrated mediaplayer or onboard storage like many pico projectors already on the market do. The RPJ-2000 does, however, come with 0.5W stereo speakers.

One thing that may bring in a lot of customers is that the RPJ-2000 is Apple certified. This means it will have the ability to connect to your iPhone or iPod if you purchase the adapter kit which will run you about $43. Among other features the RPJ-2000 has LED backlight and is designed with Quanta's cooling technology.

This device will run you around $315 though no word on sale of the projector outside of Taiwan has been released. A few details on the other four projectors have arisen including a hint that one of them will contain a digital TV tuner. This model is expected to hit the market in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in June. The RPJ-2000 comes in two colors: black and white.

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