Monday, December 3, 2012

Samsung Debuts New Pico Projector for Use with Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S Devices

Samsung has just released a new, pocket-sized projector that has been specifically designed to compliment the company's vast line of Galaxy Tab tablets and Galaxy S smartphones. Known as the new EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector, the device is curved like a smartphone as opposed to being brick shaped like most other pocket projectors. This makes it easier to slip the device into a pocket or bag and take it with you wherever you go.

The one major downside here is the specifications, which look like something you would find in a pocket projector from a couple of years back. The brightness only comes in at 20 lumens while the resolution maxes out at 640 x 360, meaning it is barely able to qualify as a pico projector. However, by using components that are slightly outdated, the Beam is able to achieve a smaller form factor than the Galaxy S III and a price tag of only $221.

Another downside is that the Beam appears to only be a South Korean exclusive at launch. However, this device also appears to be a good alternative to some of the bigger, heftier smartphones out there that have a projector built in, which have had moderate success in the industry in business settings as average consumers don't really see the need for a projector-smartphone hybrid.

If you are looking for a highly portable, pocket-sized projector then the EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector from Samsung might be worth looking into, especially if you have a version of the company's Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S smartphone. As the Beam has been specifically designed for use with these devices, you can assume that there will be more than a few features that are designed to enhance your experience with both devices. Once more info drops on worldwide availability and pricing we will be sure to let you know.

Source: Gizmodo - Samsung's Curvy Projector Is More Pocketable Than the Galaxy SIII
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