Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiny Instagram Projector Created on Kickstarter

A new, extremely tiny projector is looking to bring back the glory days of sharing all of y our favorite pictures with friends and family via slideshow. This device, known as the Projecteo, was funded within 24 hours of being launched on Kickstarter. The device uses 35mm slide film so you can project your favorite Instagram photos for the world to see.

Even though this device isn't the first of its kind, it certainly is the quaintest and most easily transportable. The device is literally no bigger than a Gigapet while the retro display style seems to perfectly compliment the hipster style of Instagram.

The Projecteo was inspired by the "magical qualities" of the images produced by old Rollei projectors and uses a powerful LED combined with a lens and focusing mechanism in order to project "good quality" images up to 2.5-feet wide in a pitch black room. It goes without saying that the extremely small size and LED limitations mean that this device may have problems in rooms with ambient light.

The Projecteo takes wheels of 35mm slide film that are specially produced to contain nine full color Instagram images on each frame. In addition to that, a compatible iPhone app is used to select images from Instagram and arrange them in the circular cutter and place them in a plastic wheel that slots into the projector. Additional photo wheels are available, though you have to order them separately.

Using the device is also said to be very simple. All you have to do, allegedly, is turn the device on, twist the lens barrel to focus and spin the wheel to change the image. You can still find the project on Kickstarter. A $25 pledge will get you the Projecteo, which is expected to ship in either December or January. A $40 pledge will grant you a Projecteo in Rollei P35 projector colors while a $350 pledge will allow you to work with designers to create a one-off color combination. Finally, there is also a $5,000 pledge, which could also get you one of three gold-plated devices.

Source: Gizmag - Projecteo: A tiny projector for Instagram slide shows
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