Monday, December 17, 2012

Student Performance Increased by 3D Projectors

Some people think that 3D projectors are simply for entertainment purposes, that they hold no real value outside of watching a movie or playing a video game in the third dimension. However, recent studies have discovered that this is entirely inaccurate. New research is showing that the use of 3D projectors, along with other 3D technology, in the classroom is improving the concentration and test results of students.

This new research is being carried out by the International Research Agency at the bequest of Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments has invested a lot in classroom technology through calculators alone but is also one of the foremost chip technology experts in the world. In addition to that, the company saw the introduction of 3D projectors and 3D glasses to class members that were participating in the research.

The International Research Agency monitored the students and discovered that 86% of them achieved better results in the post-test than they did in the pre-test when using 3D technology. It was also discovered that only 52% improved in the control classes, or the classes that were only given 2D technology for the post-test.

In the 3D in Education White Paper, Professor Anne Bamford, who is heading up the research, stated, "Individuals improved test scores by an average of 17% in the 3D classes, compared to only an 8% improvement in the 2D classes between pre-test and post-test. The teachers commented that the pupils in the 3D groups had deeper understanding, increased attention spans, more motivation and higher engagement."

Moreover, the research also studied classes in seven countries across Europe that are adopting the 3D technology. These countries included the United Kingdom, France and Sweden. The studied surveyed 740 students in 15 schools and involved 47 teachers.

3D projecting may still be a primarily entertainment-driven market, but the potential for some serious classroom benefits are evident. I mean, an 86% increase is substantial at any level and it will be interesting to see what other findings the International Research Agency and Texas Instruments uncover.

Source: Projector Point - Classroom 3D projectors improve pupils' performances
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