Thursday, March 10, 2011

Optoma's Neo-i iPhone/iPod Pico Projector

Optoma Neo-iA lot of people thought that pico projectors were going to be the next big thing. Sadly for those people, the technology never really took off. Pico projectors have become more of a device nice to have but not something necessary to have. However, Optoma has a very interesting new take on pico projectors and it is known as the Neo-i which combines an iPod/iPhone speaker dock with a tabletop projector.

Unfortunately for most, the Neo-i is not cheap coming in with a $449 price tag, however, the specs are quite a bit better than your typical pico projector. The Neo-i has a 50 ANSI lumen DLP projector which offers WVGA (854x480 pixels) resolution in 16:9 format. It also has a full-bodied 16 watt stereo system built directly into the dock. The Neo-i can also run using an optional outboard battery pack. The bulb on the Neo-i is also rated at having a 20,000 hour life.

As opposed to Optoma's much smaller PK301 pico projector, which Optoma says has the same light source, Optoma is not classifying the Neo-i as a portable device. In contrast to that, however, the Neo-i only measures 12.8 inches deep by 3.1 inches tall and only weighs 2.5 pounds which makes the device small enough and light enough to be transported.

The style of the device looks slick and based on the picture above it appears that it has slots for VGA out, HDMI out, AV in, Audio out and DC in and the control buttons seem to be touch sensitive with illuminating backlight. Head on over to cnet for the full review.

Source: cnet News - Review: Optoma's Neo-i iPod/iPhone projector
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