Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canon's LV Series Gets Updated with 5 New LCD Projectors

Canon LV SeriesPeople tend to get excited when companies release new products. Typically a company will release one or two things at once, but if you are Canon, that just won't suffice. Canon has just released five, that's right five, new multimedia LCD projectors that are said to offer extremely sharp images and very bright projections.

These five new LCD projectors help update Canon's ultra-portable LV series of projectors. The five new models consist of the LV-8225, LV-7490, LV-7390, LV-7295 and LV-7290. Each of these projectors features a wide-angle 1.2x zoom projection lens as well as a 10W speaker.

All of the new LV projectors also offer XGA resolutions in order to deliver a sharp image and a bright, clear projection. That is, of course, unless you get the LV-8225. This sucker only has a native WXGA resolution.

There are a lot of other great features that come with these new projectors. They all come with an extended 6,000 hour lamp, filters that last up to 5,000 hours and less than 1W of power consumption in standby mode. It is no surprise that these devices are definitely designed to be energy efficient.

The LV-8225 has a 1,280x800 native resolution as well as a 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio with a 2,500 lumen output so it isn't as high-end as the other projectors in the series.
The brightest projector is definitely the LV-7490 with a 4,000 lumen output. This makes it perfect to run in places that are larger or have more ambient light. The LV-7390, LV-7295 and LV-7290 have brightnesses of 3,000, 2,600 and 2,200 lumens respectively.

Visual Communication Product and Solutions Director for Canon Julian Rutland had this to say about the new line of projectors, "We are pleased to update our LV range to offer businesses of all sizes and budgets a range of cost-effective options with no compromise on quality."

All five of the new projectors will be available to the public in April, 2011.

Source: Projector Point - Canon adds five new LCD projectors to LV range

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