Thursday, February 24, 2011

KODAK Laser Projection Technology FDA Approved

KodakThe FDA, otherwise known as the Food and Drug Administration, has just approved a variance that will allow for the sale of KODAK Laser Projector Systems using KODAK Laser Projection Technology to cinema exhibitors with no individual site or show operator variances. What this means for you is that this is an important step toward your local theater being able to provide you with brighter 2D and 3D images that provide higher dynamic ranges as well as a wider color gamut.

According to Les Moore, Chief Operating Officer for Digital Cinema at Kodak, "The FDA approval brings KODAK Laser Projection Technology significantly closer to the marketplace and validates the work we've done to ensure that this technology is safe and dependable. In addition to allowing the sale of KODAK Laser Projector Systems using KODAK Laser Projection Technology, the FDA variance serves as a template to be followed by manufacturers that we license to incorporate this new laser technology."

Digital projection systems that are using a high power laser usually fall under the category of a demonstration laser and therefore must follow existing regulations for conventional laser projectors like the ones used in laser light shows. KODAK has been diligently working with the FDA as well as laser safety consultants in order to address potential issues with safety. KODAK's unique optical design manages the projector output in order for it to be considered similar to conventional Xenon projection systems. This new variance from the FDA allows the sale of KODAK Laser Projector Systems with KODAK Laser Projection Technology and theater/show configurations incorporating them.

KODAK Laser Projection Technology should bring improved image quality to your theater screens including significantly brighter 3D image and a reduction in the costs of digital projection in cinemas via long-life lasers, lower-cost optics and more efficient usage. Kodak introduced this technology back in 2010 and it has been received enthusiastically by exhibitors, manufacturers, studios and viewers who have seen the demonstrations and noticed the difference.

Source: EON - FDA Greenlights KODAK Laser Projection Technology
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