Sunday, September 26, 2010

New 3D Projector from Sony

3d projector from sonySony is allowing you bring the stunning big screen 3D experience found at the movie theater into your very own home. They have just announced their first 3D front projector, the new VPL-VW90ES.

The VPL-VW90ES is the first of Sony’s projectors to be branded with “Elevated Standards.” This means that the projector was engineered to have exceptionally high build quality and provide an outstanding video experience. It was also built to be seamlessly united with any third-party control systems.

Vice president of Sony’s home audio and video business, Brian Siegel, states, “Delivering on Sony's promise of innovation, the VW90ES brings the 3D big screen theater home with another stunning full HD, sub-$10,000 home cinema projector. Sony understands the 3D ecosystem better than any manufacturer, so dealers and installers can count on Sony products to deliver the best possible 3D experience.”

The Silicon X-tal Reflective Display of the VPL-VW90ES HD (1920 x 1080) projector is incredible when combined with Sony’s 24p True Cinema. It uses frame sequential 3D technology with active-shutter glass. This in turn works with Sony’s 240Hz high frame technology to deliver a smooth, HD 3D image. Not only does this projector give an amazing 3D performance, but it also can give users a fantastic 2D experience. Siegel says, “The VW90ES also shares the heritage of previously acclaimed Sony SXRD projectors delivering incredible 2D performance that rivals any competition in its class.”

The VPL-VW90ES uses a single Ultra High Performance lamp with a brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens. It also utilizes Sony’s Advanced Iris 3 technology to deliver a sharp, deep black image that produces a contrast ratio of 150,000:1.

Now not only does the VPL-VW90ES provide excellent sound and picture quality, but as I mentioned previously, it also integrates with third-party control systems seamlessly. This projector joins the list of many of Sony’s other products that integrate easily with the top home theater automation systems including: Creston, Savant, Control4, AMX®, Ultimate Remote Control, Vantage, RTI, and many others. The VPL-VW90ES also includes AMX Device Discovery Beacon and is Control4 Certified.

One of the great things about this outstanding projector is that it doesn’t need a special screen. If you already have a home theater system set up, you can easily switch over to the VPL-VW90ES with no problems.

The projector will be available in November , 2010 for around $10,000 from Sony’s authorized installers and specialty dealers across the country. TheVPL-VW90ES will come standard with two pairs of Sony’s active shutter 3D glasses.

If you’re looking for the best possible 3D home theater experience, Sony’s VPL-VW90ES could be exactly what you are looking for.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

JVC's 3D-Enabled D-ILA Home Theater Projectors

JVC DLA-X7JVC unveiled six new 3D-enabled D-ILA projectors today at the CEDIA Expo 2010. All six projectors host native contrast ratios that, quite frankly, blew me away. The top models from JVC deliver a 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

These new projectors are known as the Reference Series DLA-RS60, DLA-RS50 and DLA-RS40, which are to be marketed by JVC's Professional Products Group while the Procision Series DLA-X9, DLA-X7 AND DLA-X3 are to be available through JVC's Consumer Electronics Group.

"3D has recently become a major box office draw. Now, with 3D broadcast channels emerging and a growing number of 3D Blu-ray titles available, consumers want the immersive 3D experience in their homes. Our new line of D-ILA projectors sets a new standard for home cinema. It's an immersive home 3D viewing experience," says Product Engineering Manager of D-ILA Systems at JVC Professional Products, Gary Klasmeier.

To run the 3D content each projector has two HDMI 1.4a ports and supports side-by-side (broadcast) frame series (Blu-ray) as well as above-below 3D transmissions. An external 3D signal emitter (PK-EM1) syncs the 3D projected image with JVC's Active Shutter 3D glasses (PK-AG1). The external emitter also ensures a solid transmission to the 3D glasses despite what screen you use or what system configuration you have set up.

The DLA-RS60 and DLA-X9 are the flagship projectors and both are built using hand-selected, hand-tested components and both provide the 100,000:1 native contrast ratio mentioned earlier. For 3D display both projectors come equipped with two pairs of 3D glasses as well as a PK-EM1 3D signal emitter and each have a three year warranty from JVC.

According to Klasmeier, "No other three-chip projectors in the home theater market can match the amazing 100,000:1 native contrast ratio of the DLA-RS60 or DLA-X9. JVC's contrast ratio numbers are not artificially inflated by electronic circuitry or a dynamic iris, so every frame consistently and faithfully reproduces peak whites and deep blacks."

The DLA-RS50 and DLA-X7 both offer a 70,000:1 native contrast ratio, while the DLA-RS40 and DLA-X3 have 50,000:1 native contrast ratios. All four of these projectors come with two year warranties from JVC and are compatible with JVC's PK-AG1 Active Shutter 3D glasses and PK-EM1 3D signal emitter.

All these projectors look amazing and are sure to be tops in the 3D projector market. According to JVC, all six projectors will be available in late November for the following prices:

DLA-RS60 and DLA-X9 - $11,995

DLA-RS50 and DLA-X7 - $7,995

DLA-RS40 and DLA-X3 - $4,495

The new JVC PK-AG1 3D glasses and PK-EM1 3D Signal Emitter will also be available in late November for $179 and $79 respectively.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barco's New DP2K-P Projector

Barco DP2K-PAt the IBC Convention in Amsterdam Barco, a leader in Digital Cinema, will showcase an all new cinema projector designed specifically for digital post-production. This new device, known as the DP2K-P, is the world's only enhanced 4K-ready projector specifically created to meet the enhanced performance needs of post-production houses.

There are a lot of cool impressive schematics involved with the DP2K-P. The device is built on the already proven DP2K B-Series model which has won awards including best-in-class light efficiency, lowest cost of ownership and ultimate ease-of-use. At the heart of the projector we find the 1.2" DLP Cinema chip from Texas Instruments.

There are a lot of specialized needs of post-production houses. Due to this, the DP2K-P has integrated a greatly expanded color gamut that is noticeably wider than the current DCI recommended color space. In addition to that the DP2K-P delivers significantly more brightness uniformity and contrast than most projectors, giving you better image detail.

The new DP2K-P isn't the only thing that Barco will be unveiling in Amsterdam. The company will also be showing their accompanying Communicator software, which enables users to fully customize their 2D and 3D look-up tables. With the increased control over the color space, post-production pros can do their job with a higher level of accuracy.

Barco has been known for their D-Cine Premiere DP90P projector which was the first dedicated digital post-production projector on the planet. In addition to that, Barco has also demonstrated their commitment to the post-production market segment with a plethora of other products including the RHDM-1701P and RHDM-2301P grade-1 LCD displays for video reference tasks. Barco seeks to add to their fantastic line of products with the DP2K-P, and it sounds like they have.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Portable Projectors

top portable projectorProjectors are really coming down in size and becoming a lot more portable. Some pico projectors (also known as pocket projectors) can be as small as a cell phone. The problem with these pocket projectors is that they tend to lack in brightness and be rather expensive, considering their performance.

There are also palmtop projectors. These are larger than pocket projectors but still are relatively lightweight. Most pico and palmtop projectors have the capability to run files from a USB key, which is very convenient.

Since there are so many different portable projectors out there, it can be difficult to decide which will meet all of your projector needs. Well, here is a list of what some consider to be the top portable laptops available to date.

BenQ Joybee GP1
From $500
This projector is small, lightweight, and very bright. It features excellent built-in audio and a LED light source with 20,000-hour lifetime. It is be considered one of the best palmtop projectors to date.

Samsung P410
From $749
The P410 was designed as an ultra-portable data projector. It reads files directly from a USB memory key, projects a bright image, and has high volume. It also has an LED light source with a 30,000-hour lifetime.

3M Pocket Projector MPro150
From $385
The 3M Pocket Projector can project images from a computer, a video source, a MicroSD card, or from the internal 1GB of memory. It features great audio and relatively bright images. This projector is a pretty good deal.

AAXA L1 Laser Projector
From $500
This projector offers the latest laser technology. It combines red, green, and blue lasers with an LCOS chip. It automatically focuses at any distance to the screen that you are projecting on, and it displays images from computers, video sources, and USB memory keys.

Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector
From $400
The PK301 is the brightest pico projector available right now. It can connect to either a computer or a video device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the best sound quality or volume, but there is an audio out for a headset or speakers.

ViewSonic PJD2121
From $450
This projector is slightly bigger than most palmtop projectors, but it is also brighter, which allows it to perform better. Although it isn’t a pico or palmtop projector, it is much smaller and lighter than just a standard projector. It really is a great deal to consider.

These are the best portable projectors available right now. Some of the projectors' price tags may seem a little on the high side, but there are also some great deals out there. It all depends on what you will be using your projector for. If you’re looking for a new portable projector, these are definitely some options to consider.

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