Thursday, September 23, 2010

JVC's 3D-Enabled D-ILA Home Theater Projectors

JVC DLA-X7JVC unveiled six new 3D-enabled D-ILA projectors today at the CEDIA Expo 2010. All six projectors host native contrast ratios that, quite frankly, blew me away. The top models from JVC deliver a 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

These new projectors are known as the Reference Series DLA-RS60, DLA-RS50 and DLA-RS40, which are to be marketed by JVC's Professional Products Group while the Procision Series DLA-X9, DLA-X7 AND DLA-X3 are to be available through JVC's Consumer Electronics Group.

"3D has recently become a major box office draw. Now, with 3D broadcast channels emerging and a growing number of 3D Blu-ray titles available, consumers want the immersive 3D experience in their homes. Our new line of D-ILA projectors sets a new standard for home cinema. It's an immersive home 3D viewing experience," says Product Engineering Manager of D-ILA Systems at JVC Professional Products, Gary Klasmeier.

To run the 3D content each projector has two HDMI 1.4a ports and supports side-by-side (broadcast) frame series (Blu-ray) as well as above-below 3D transmissions. An external 3D signal emitter (PK-EM1) syncs the 3D projected image with JVC's Active Shutter 3D glasses (PK-AG1). The external emitter also ensures a solid transmission to the 3D glasses despite what screen you use or what system configuration you have set up.

The DLA-RS60 and DLA-X9 are the flagship projectors and both are built using hand-selected, hand-tested components and both provide the 100,000:1 native contrast ratio mentioned earlier. For 3D display both projectors come equipped with two pairs of 3D glasses as well as a PK-EM1 3D signal emitter and each have a three year warranty from JVC.

According to Klasmeier, "No other three-chip projectors in the home theater market can match the amazing 100,000:1 native contrast ratio of the DLA-RS60 or DLA-X9. JVC's contrast ratio numbers are not artificially inflated by electronic circuitry or a dynamic iris, so every frame consistently and faithfully reproduces peak whites and deep blacks."

The DLA-RS50 and DLA-X7 both offer a 70,000:1 native contrast ratio, while the DLA-RS40 and DLA-X3 have 50,000:1 native contrast ratios. All four of these projectors come with two year warranties from JVC and are compatible with JVC's PK-AG1 Active Shutter 3D glasses and PK-EM1 3D signal emitter.

All these projectors look amazing and are sure to be tops in the 3D projector market. According to JVC, all six projectors will be available in late November for the following prices:

DLA-RS60 and DLA-X9 - $11,995

DLA-RS50 and DLA-X7 - $7,995

DLA-RS40 and DLA-X3 - $4,495

The new JVC PK-AG1 3D glasses and PK-EM1 3D Signal Emitter will also be available in late November for $179 and $79 respectively.
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