Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Portable Projectors

top portable projectorProjectors are really coming down in size and becoming a lot more portable. Some pico projectors (also known as pocket projectors) can be as small as a cell phone. The problem with these pocket projectors is that they tend to lack in brightness and be rather expensive, considering their performance.

There are also palmtop projectors. These are larger than pocket projectors but still are relatively lightweight. Most pico and palmtop projectors have the capability to run files from a USB key, which is very convenient.

Since there are so many different portable projectors out there, it can be difficult to decide which will meet all of your projector needs. Well, here is a list of what some consider to be the top portable laptops available to date.

BenQ Joybee GP1
From $500
This projector is small, lightweight, and very bright. It features excellent built-in audio and a LED light source with 20,000-hour lifetime. It is be considered one of the best palmtop projectors to date.

Samsung P410
From $749
The P410 was designed as an ultra-portable data projector. It reads files directly from a USB memory key, projects a bright image, and has high volume. It also has an LED light source with a 30,000-hour lifetime.

3M Pocket Projector MPro150
From $385
The 3M Pocket Projector can project images from a computer, a video source, a MicroSD card, or from the internal 1GB of memory. It features great audio and relatively bright images. This projector is a pretty good deal.

AAXA L1 Laser Projector
From $500
This projector offers the latest laser technology. It combines red, green, and blue lasers with an LCOS chip. It automatically focuses at any distance to the screen that you are projecting on, and it displays images from computers, video sources, and USB memory keys.

Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector
From $400
The PK301 is the brightest pico projector available right now. It can connect to either a computer or a video device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the best sound quality or volume, but there is an audio out for a headset or speakers.

ViewSonic PJD2121
From $450
This projector is slightly bigger than most palmtop projectors, but it is also brighter, which allows it to perform better. Although it isn’t a pico or palmtop projector, it is much smaller and lighter than just a standard projector. It really is a great deal to consider.

These are the best portable projectors available right now. Some of the projectors' price tags may seem a little on the high side, but there are also some great deals out there. It all depends on what you will be using your projector for. If you’re looking for a new portable projector, these are definitely some options to consider.

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