Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barco's New DP2K-P Projector

Barco DP2K-PAt the IBC Convention in Amsterdam Barco, a leader in Digital Cinema, will showcase an all new cinema projector designed specifically for digital post-production. This new device, known as the DP2K-P, is the world's only enhanced 4K-ready projector specifically created to meet the enhanced performance needs of post-production houses.

There are a lot of cool impressive schematics involved with the DP2K-P. The device is built on the already proven DP2K B-Series model which has won awards including best-in-class light efficiency, lowest cost of ownership and ultimate ease-of-use. At the heart of the projector we find the 1.2" DLP Cinema chip from Texas Instruments.

There are a lot of specialized needs of post-production houses. Due to this, the DP2K-P has integrated a greatly expanded color gamut that is noticeably wider than the current DCI recommended color space. In addition to that the DP2K-P delivers significantly more brightness uniformity and contrast than most projectors, giving you better image detail.

The new DP2K-P isn't the only thing that Barco will be unveiling in Amsterdam. The company will also be showing their accompanying Communicator software, which enables users to fully customize their 2D and 3D look-up tables. With the increased control over the color space, post-production pros can do their job with a higher level of accuracy.

Barco has been known for their D-Cine Premiere DP90P projector which was the first dedicated digital post-production projector on the planet. In addition to that, Barco has also demonstrated their commitment to the post-production market segment with a plethora of other products including the RHDM-1701P and RHDM-2301P grade-1 LCD displays for video reference tasks. Barco seeks to add to their fantastic line of products with the DP2K-P, and it sounds like they have.

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