Friday, January 29, 2010

World's First Projector with a Remote Lamp

World's First Projector with a Remote Lamp

Some of the biggest complaints about projectors include the noise the fan makes when it cools down the lamp and accessing a blown lamp that needs to be changed, but what if you could eliminate these little nuisances? Projector manufacturer Projectiondesign has created the FR12 Remote Light Source projector, which removes the lamp from the projector to a rack-mount enclosure that is up to 30m away from the projector head. Light illuminates the projector via a unique, innovative Liquid Light Guide lead.

The projector is compact, almost maintenance-free, quiet, and easy to install due the lack of ventilation or orientation worries, which makes lamp maintenance a lot easier. This will come in handy if you use a projector for 24/7 operation, in any area where access is restricted, or if the noise of the fan or heat management are big issues during operation.

Projectiondesign International Marketing and Communications Manager Anders Lokke had this to say about the projector, "At the forefront of creating some of the most exciting technologies and innovative products, Projectiondesign has made history by producing innovative projectors that are compact, bright and high-resolution. Now we are taking projection technology a step further in simplifying maintenance, eliminating noise and dissipating heat, as well as offering greater integration and installation flexibility. A typical application would be a 24/7 command and control room environment.”

Projectiondesign has always been a leader in innovative projector technology. In 2002, they introduced the world's first single-chip SXGA DLP projector; in 2006 they made the first 1090p DLP projector available; and in 2008, they released the first WUXGA resolution DLP projector, as well as the first portable and high-resolution active 3D stereoscopic projector. Last year, the company introduced the first 3-chip projector and took the plunge into LED illumination.

The FR12 will officially be introduced at Integrated Systems Europe 2010, which takes place February 2-4, 2010. At that time, more information will be available such as specs, pricing and expected availability.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Projector Rental

Personal Projector Rentals

Renting a projector for business needs can be a lifesaver but did you know Personal Projector Rentals can help make life easier, as well? If you're looking to make your wedding, party, or even movie night extra special, a projector rental may be just what you need. Not only does it make planning easier, but it will leave people talking about your event for days! You can rent the projector for as long or as little as you like, for only a fraction of the price you'd pay to purchase one. Below, you'll find a few ideas about how renting a projector can help make your personal event a huge success.

1. Weddings: It's always fun to share photos from the bride and groom's earlier lives or even their lives together since they began dating. Not only does it help out-of-town and distant friends and relatives connect with the couple, but it will make all of your guests laugh and cry. Either a featured slide show during your reception with background music and editorial, or just having photos projected onto the wall all throughout your reception can give your special day a special touch.

2. Movie Night: Every family has movie night! Everyone gathered around the TV, watching new releases or old favorites, can be a great way to spend time together with family members of all ages. Renting a projector can make the night even more fun. You can blow your movie up so the picture is much larger than your television or even pop some popcorn and watch your movie outside on a warm summer evening. Invite the neighbor's over and turn your yard into a drive-in theater! The possibilities are endless.

3. Birthday Parties: Depending on the age of your birthday boy or girl, a projector rental can be tons of fun at a birthday party. If you have a room full of antsy children, watching a movie can get everyone quiet and give you some downtime. But when you have a room of 20-30 kids, gathering around the TV may not be practical. A projector rental can instantly turn your living room into a movie theater. Imagine the delight when the kids see their favorite Disney Princess or Harry Potter movie playing on a large screen. If you are planning a birthday party for an older person, particular one of those "milestone" birthdays such as 50 or even 100, showing a slideshow of that person's life can be a great way for the person to reflect on their life.

4. Family Reunions: With advances in technology and transportation, families seem to be growing further apart. If your parents live in Atlanta, your sister in Miami, your brother and his family in Los Angeles, your in-laws in Chicago, and you in New York, it's hard for everyone to see each other grow-up! It's hard for grandparents, aunts and uncles to miss out on baseball games and gymnastics recitals and you're probably so busy that you don't always have time to upload photos to be emailed. Or maybe the older members of your family don't even use email. Again, a projector rental can put a smile on everyone's face. Have everyone send their favorite family photos to be part of a slideshow for your next family reunion. Together you can laugh and tell stories about the things you all missed throughout the years.

5. Sporting Events: Super Bowl parties can be tons of fun. Good times with friends and family, cheering on your favorite team and eating your favorite snacks. Everyone is gathered around the TV, watching the big game, but unless you have a large screen, you are not reaching your full watching potential. A large display can liven up the party and make you feel like you are closer to the action. Chances are, you can't run out and buy a big screen TV but you probably can afford a projector rental. With a projector rental, you can control the size of your display and make it bigger or smaller, depending on the size of your room and number of guests. This is something to keep in mind any time you have guests over to watch a big game and want to leave a great impression.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turn Anything Into a Touchscreen with Light Touch

Turn Anything Into a Touchscreen

Touchscreens are all the rage in computers lately and now it looks like the technology will be coming to projectors. Light Blue Optics has announced that its new Light Touch interactive projector will turn any surface into a touchscreen. The company, which develops and supplies miniature projector systems, said its new Light Touch projector uses Holographic Laser Projection (HLP). It uses holographic algorithms to transform images into diffraction patterns which can be shown as a small micro-display. When laser light illuminates the display, the image is formed by diffraction. The technology then helps integrate infrared sensing technology, which then turns the surface into a touchscreen.

For now, the Light Touch projector will only be available to the company's OEM customers and strategic partners.

Light Blue Optics said their goal is to free content from the confines of a small screen while allowing users to interact with the projected content. It runs on Adobe Flash Lite 3.1, which will help developers make new apps for the product. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so that users may connect to the internet to run apps such as social networking, multimedia sharing and electronic point of sale. It has a memory size of 2 GB and can support cards up to 32 GB.

According to the company, today's consumer is not a passive viewer of multimedia content. They believe people want to interact and become engaged, and this product will allow them to do so. They also believe the Light Touch projector's potential extends outside consumer electronics and can serve users in retail spaces, work places, and at home.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

DLP Chips for Pico Projectors by Texas Instruments

DLP Chips for Pico Projectors by Texas Instruments

Pez dispensers. That's what Texas Instruments used to showcase its new digital light processing (DLP) chips at the Consumer Electronics Show. The DLP chips are so tiny they fit right in the little candy dispensers. The actual projectors are a little bit bigger, but still small, and are being fitted into handheld devices ranging from cameras to cellphones. Texas Instruments says they see the pico projector market being a large revenue generator for the DLP chips.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of DLP products at Texas Instruments says that while 2009 was about introduction of the concept, 2010 is going to be about broadening the category. AT&T is already making the LG eXpo, the first phone to use the projector, however, it is not integrated into the phone but instead works as a snap-on device. It allows the phone to beam videos, websites, and other images.

Not all of the projectors will be that small. The company has crated the Brightboxe, which is described by the Dallas Morning News as being "a bit smaller than a lunchbox." The $199 projector is designed to work with video game consoles.

Unfortunately, the chip doesn't have a high-definition resolution (it goes up to 854 x 480) but Novak said he doesn't see much demand for HD in pico projectors. This leaves a lot of room for improvement and competitors are taking notice. Another company, Syndiant (which was coincidentally put together by former Texas Instrument employees) are developing a different type of technology - liquid crystal on silicon - to use in place of DLP. They are concentrating on high definition resolutions. They've recently had their hand in developing a projector with a resolution of 1024 x 600. Another hope for pico projectors is that they will eventually be able to display images in 3-D.

According to analysts, by 2016, hundreds of millions of phones and other handheld devices will have built-in projectors. In addition to Syndiant and Texas Instruments, 3M, Nikon, and Microvision looking to establish their projector products as top-of-the-line technology.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Favi RIOLED-Q and RIOLED-V Pico Projectors

Favi RIOLED-QThe market for Pico Projectors appears to still be alive as manufacturer Favi has announced two new LED-based pico projectors for release sometime between late February and early March. The two projectors being released come to us under the names of the RIOLED-Q and the RIOLED-V.

The RIOLED-Q is a more business oriented pico projector. The RIOLED-Q is very bright with an 800x600 native resolution and a 50 lumens brightness, a first in the pico projector market (along with the Optoma PK301) to boast that output. The RIOLED-Q also has 2 built-in 3W speakers and digital keystone connection. As far as connectivity goes the RIOLED-Q has 1 A/V in, 1 VGA in and 1 USB connections. It has built-in memory as well as an SD/MMC card reader. The RIOLED-Q is powered via a battery or power adapter.

The RIOLED-V, counterpart to the RIOLED-Q, is a more consumer-based pico projector. The RIOLED-V has built-in WiFi and uses Linux to run multiple web applications like Video (YouTube), News (Yahoo News), Weather, Internet Radio, Photo (Flickr), e-mail and a web browser. Also included in the RIOLED-V is a built-in calendar and alarm clock. Connectivity wise the RIOLED-V has 1 USB, 1 A/V output and 1 headphone jack. This device is also powered via battery or power adapter and is controlled by either a remote control or by buttons on the unit. Already the RIOLED-V is being described as a hybrid netbook/media player/projector that fits in your pocket.

Favi isn't done there though as they have also announced a versatile portable projector entitled the RIOHD-LED2 which is aimed primarily at educational, business or home theater usage. The RIOHD-LED2 is 7"x6"x3" and weighs around 2.5 lbs. It has a rated 400 lumens output and is pretty bright for a small, portable projector. It has an LED lamp which has an expected life of around 20,000 hours and it ships with a remote control, power adapter and user manual. Input wise it has HDMI, YPbPr, S-Video, Composite A/V, headphone and VGA as well as 2 built-in speakers.

The RIOHD-LED2 is said to ship in early February under a $348 price tag which is early than the late February early march release date of the RIOLED-Q and RIOLED-V whose prices are still unknown.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hitachi CP-D10 Projector

Hitachi CP-D10Looking for a projector for your small conference rooms or classrooms? The check out the CP-D10 from Hitachi. The CP-D10 is a smaller XGA LCD projector created with small rooms in mind. The CP-D10 is considered a "short throw" projector and for a number of different reasons. It can project an 80" image diagonally from as far away as 3 feet. This projector uses a fixed normal lens that projects through a second convex lens. By doing this the projector only allows digital zooming and it also requires the user to place the projector at a proper distance for you desired screen size.

To get into some specific specs, the CP-D10 has a specified output of 2000 lumens as well as a 400:1 contrast ratio. Portability is also a good thing to have with projectors, especially if you have to lug from conference room to conference room or from classroom to classroom. Well the CP-D10 is highly portable weighing only 7.7 pounds and measuring 13.1 inches wide, 11.9 inches deep and 4.1 inches tall. The device has multiple AV connection options including RGB 2in/1out, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video and Audio 3in/1out. The 2000 lumen bulb is said to last up to 4,000 hours in Eco Mode as well.

Being made by Hitachi, its no surprise that the CP-D10 has some of the company's proprietary functions. Functions like MyScreen, which allows the user to set up a personal startup or blank screen with a picture or company logo, MyMemory, which allows the user to save up to 4 memories for adjustment data, MyButton, which is two buttons on the remote that can be programmed for one touch adjustment of picture, input, MyMemory settings, resolution, template display, zoom and more, MyText, which allows the user to enter text for display on the startup input information screens and MySource, which allows for easy selection of input source from the remote control, are all included as well as AMX Device Discovery technology which allows all AMX Integrated Central Controllers to automatically recognize the CP-D10 and systematically load the appropriate communications module or driver, initializing the CP-D10 to be used without any user setup.

Line templates can be accessed from the projector's menu or by MyButton. These can be used for organizing writing on a white board and there are four types of line templates as well as two circle templates and two map templates. Another added feature with the CP-D10 is the option of closed captions. Many projectors on the market can not display closed captions however the CP-D10 is capable of this option which makes it invaluable in schools with hearing-impaired students.

Hitachi is one of the leaders in K-12 classroom projectors and the CP-D10 looks to be right up there with all of Hitachi's other great projectors. With its many features and short throw capabilities, the CP-D10 is a perfect tool for any classroom or small conference room. You can pick up the Hitachi CP-D10 projector now for $999.

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