Friday, October 8, 2010

Smartphone-sized Projector from Acer

smartphone-sized projectorAcer has just announced the release of their newest projector, the C20 Pico-projector. This ultraportable projector is actually the size of a smartphone.

The projection device is encased in plastic. The back is a black matte finish, and the front is a glossy black. For the frame, you can choose between three different colors: candy pink, metallic blue, and silver. There are a variety of different connectivity ports with the C20. There is a USB port, HDMI port, and a SDCH card reader.

Acer has designed the C20 so that it can project images in a variety of different sizes ranging from five inches to 66 inches with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. There are internal speakers, and Acer has also promised WVGA resolution and a native 16:9 picture.

The C20 Pico-projector also features ColorSafe II DLP technology. This helps to prevent color decay with your projector, which is very important. Another great aspect about the C20 is its LED bulb that offers up to 20,000 hours of use.

As of now, the Acer C20 Pico-projector is only available in the U.K., but it should be coming to the U.S. soon enough. It is selling for 280 pounds in the U.K., which comes out to about $444 in the U.S. This is a great little ultraportable projector that should definitely be a hit.

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