Thursday, October 21, 2010

The NP64 Projector from NEC

np64 projector from necSo when you're looking at projectors, the rule of thumb usually seems to be that the lighter and more portable the projector is, the lower the level of brightness the projector can offer. Therefore, an ultra-portable lightweight projector like the NP64 from NEC Display Solutions of America is not supposed to be capable of projecting a large, bright image that is able to stand up to ambient light. This projector though is definitely the exception. This projector is amazing. It has more total lumens than many of the bigger, heavier projectors. If you want an ultraportable projector that can still produce an amazing quality image, the NP64 is definitely one to keep in mind.

The NP64 projector weighs a mere 3.7 pounds and is rated at 3,000 lumens. So how great is 3,000 lumens, you might ask? Well ,consider this, the Samsung P410 weighs only two pounds, but it also is only rated at 170 lumens; the Casio Green Slim XJ-A145U weighs 5 pounds and is rated at 2,500 lumens, but this is still less than the NP64.

The NP64 measures in at 2.8 x 9.7 x 7.3 inches (HWD). This allows the device to be portable enough to bring with you wherever you want. NEC helps make it even easier for you to travel with the NP64 by including a soft travel case.

The projector features a DLP engine with a native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and a direct USB reader. This reader allows you to download whatever you need to project onto a USB key as a JPG file and simply plug the USB key into the projector. This allows you to leave your laptop behind.

Setup of the projector is very simple no matter what you may be using as your source for images. As mentioned above, the NP64 has a USB port, but it also features a back panel that offers a DB-15 that allows for a computer or component video source, an S-Video and composite video input, and a mini-plug stereo input. This gives you a variety of good options for connectivity to the projector.

When you get ready to set up the projector, all that you have to do is plug in the power cord, connect to the source of your choice, adjust the zoom, and point the projector in the direction of where you will be presenting. It is just that simple. It is not even necessary to focus the image because the projector has auto-focus.
The NP64 has pretty good video quality. Some detail is lost in the really dark areas, but it isn’t very noticeable unless you’re being extremely picky. Basically, the video quality is just fine. The thing that will be an issue is the audio quality. Typically, lightweight projectors don’t have the best sound quality. If you need sound for your presentation, then you will definitely have to get some sort of external sound system.

The NP64 is an amazing projector. It does everything that a projector should do and more, minus the sound quality issues. It is lightweight, portable, bright, and easy to use. If you’re looking for a projector, this is definitely one to keep in consideration. The NP64 projector by NEC is available now for $1,099 direct.

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