Monday, September 24, 2012

New Pro9000 LED Laser Projector Debuted by ViewSonic

ViewSonic has just debuted a new high-end flagship video projector with the Pro9000, one of the first LED laser projectors to hit the consumer home-cinema market. According to ViewSonic, LED laser technology has all the advantages of a traditional DLP system with none of the deficits. What this means is that the "rainbow effect" that usually occurs with DLP projectors has been significantly reduced with the Pro9000.

This technology, in conjunction with a Texas Instruments DarkChip 3 processor and 1080p full HD, makes this projector perfect for any home cinema setup. ViewSonic stated that the Pro9000 should also ensure brightness levels of up to 1,600 lumens as well as have a contrast ratio of 100,000:1. The only drawback here is that the Pro9000 isn't 3D compatible and has no motion-compensation mode to ensure that fast-paced action sequences flow smoothly.

The rear of the device houses all of the connectivity options, and there are quite a few to choose from. Aside from the standard power outlet, the Pro9000 comes with two HDMI ports, a single VGA port, a composite connector, a single S-video port and an RS-232 serial port. In terms of functionality, the Pro9000 has a zoom function and also offers manual focusing, even though there is no lens-shift, which some users may find disappointing.

The Pro9000 from ViewSonic is set to debut sometime in October and will be heading to the UK first with an estimated retail price of £1,600. No word yet on when the Pro9000 will come to the U.S. or on how much it will cost when, or if, it arrives.

Source: Digital Versus - ViewSonic Presents Pro9000 LED Laser Projector
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