Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Benefits of LCD Projection

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Projectors display images typically by using small metal halide lamps. These lamps are used because they produce a wide range of colors at ideal color temperatures. Additionally, metal halide lamps enable a projector to emit large amounts of light (on average 2,000 to 15,000 Lumens) in a small area.

The light from the lamp is dispersed through a series of dichroic filters (liquid crystals) to three panels, one for each color component of a video signal (red, green, blue). An electrical current is applied to toggle the color on or off, depending on what shade of what color is being displayed. This gives the LCD projector its wide color range.

LCD Projectors work great in areas where it is difficult to control the lighting in the room, such as rooms with several large windows. Since the metal halide lamps produce bright light, they perform better in these scenarios. Since the lamps are fairly small, they make LCD projectors good for portability and are lightweight.

Typically LCD projectors have a larger viewing angle as well, which is good for large rooms with several viewers that are not centered in front of the projector.

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