Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paint Your Own Projector Screen

Do-It-Yourself Projector ScreensIf you are one of those people who have decided that going with a high quality projection is a better deal than buying a high end television, then you are most certainly aware that a high quality projector screen will undoubtedly give you the most bang for your buck. The big name screen manufacturers out there like Da-Lite and Screen Innovation use special materials specifically designed to enhance contrast and color in their projection screens. The result you get consists of punched up white levels and deep blacks.

The only problem with this setup is that screens like this are expensive and not everybody has the extra cash to throw around like that, especially in today's economy. There are also the crafty folks out there who would prefer to do a complete do-it-yourself project for their home theaters. Reports are coming in from all over about people who have figured out ways to create their own high-quality projector screens in their homes.

Some people have built impressive 120-inch diagonal screens using white ceiling paint from Home Depot and the ever popular 1x4s. Now everybody knows that painting a surface doesn't make it smooth. So, in order to get the smoothest surface possible you are going to need to sand away any imperfections in the surface area of the wall you are thinking about painting.

After that is done, you should apply two coats of primer followed by several layers of the ceiling paint. You can even paint around the screen in black to build a frame for your screen. The best materials to use, it seems, are Kilz primer and Home Depot brand white ceiling paint. The picture quality is incredible, rivaling some of the more top-notch and expensive brands out there.

With the price of screens out there and the money people don't have to spend on them, a do-it-yourself projector screen is ingenious. It is the perfect thing if you have a projector that you use frequently or instead of a television. So the next time you are thinking about upgrading your screen, don't. Just paint your own on the wall.

Source: The Projector People
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