Friday, November 19, 2010

BenQ's New SP890 Installation Projector

BenQ is one of the biggest names in the projector manufacturing industry by far, and they always have a tendency to come up with some really great products in a wide variety of styles and uses. The company's newest projector comes in the form of the new SP890 installation projector which is specifically designed to be used in somewhat larger venues like conference halls or auditoriums.

Like most of BenQ's products, the SP890 is packed with a ton of awesome features and good specs that make it a worthwhile device. The SP890 has full HD and HQV picture quality with full 1080p HD as well as 4000 ANSI lumens brightness. The SP890 also has a 50,000:1 contrast ratio and an optical zoom of 1.5X. These specs make it the perfect type of projector to use in large venues such as business meetings and trade shows or even in a large college classroom.

According to BenQ, the SP890 offers five times more detail than your average 480p projectors. The projector has HQV processing which is very sophisticated. This renders HD video in true 1080p HD quality. BenQ also added that lower resolution video sources including 480i (digital and analog) will be automatically converted by the SP890 allowing it to achieve full HD picture quality.

This projector uses BrilliantColorT Technology. This offers users a high-speed, 6-segment color wheel. The color wheel delivers a great deal of balance between your projector's brightness and color levels. With the SP890's horizontal and vertical lens shift features, 1.5X zoom and independent color management, it is safe to say that the SP890 is one of the top projectors currently in the installation projector market.
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