Friday, August 29, 2008

Epson EH-DM2 Reviewed

Epson has just announced a new projector called the Epson EH-DM2. The Epson EH-DM2 adds a twist in today’s world of projectors by now trying to market a projector as an all in one media player. Inside the new Epson EH-DM2 you will find a DVD player, 8w speakers, 1 USB port for photos, and a projector. This new concept sounds like a cheap bundle package you would find in the bargain section at Wal-Mart, but projector specs are not that bad either. The projector comes with 1,200 lumens of brightness, an HD compatible resolution, and it boasts 3LCD technology. 3LCD technology is pretty much a fancy new LCD projector that supposedly removes rainbow affects and offers more colors than known to mankind. The part that I like the most is the price of this new projector, with a cost of only $900 it sounds like almost to good of a deal.
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