Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What You Need To Know About Resolution Before Renting Or Buying A Projector

Last year there were a lot of resolution advancements, and along with it came major price changes in the projector world. Entry level projectors are now starting from as low as $300, but now the 1080p models have dropped in price tremendously as well. You can pick one up for well under $2000.

The lowest end projectors today will have a resolution of about 800 x 600, and can be bought for next to nothing. But these projectors aren't really good for a whole lot, and their pictures aren't even close to satisfying. These projectors account for a very small amount of sales, and are generally the ones you see used in elementary schools. Every current computer now has at least XGA resolution, and so are most tablets on the market like the iPad and most of the Android models. So if you are looking for crisp image reproduction, especially with small text and graphics, you need to make sure that your projector at least has XGA resolution or higher.

If you are looking for a projector for your business, you would benefit greatly from getting at least an entry level XGA resolution model or a widescreen WXGA model projector. This is the bare minimum that you should be using in order to deliver a professional presentation. If your budget allows, you could however step up to an SVGA projector with a higher brightness, or one of the many affordable 1080p models that are currently available.

For short term use for special projects, spending this type of money isn't really a great option. Instead of investing money in an outdated model that is going to deliver poor results, you can always consider a projector rental. Projector rentals are very affordable, and the staff will be able to answer any questions that you may have and be able to help you choose a model that will deliver the results you are looking for in order to make your presentation perfect in your specific setting. Even if you don't understand the details of projector technology, buying or renting from someone who knows what they are talking about can benefit you a great deal more than jumping blindly into an expensive investment.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mobile Phone, Mobile Computer, Mobile... Projector?

It is always cool to see how "mobile" our devices can really become. We have mobile phones and mobile computers. They all come in different shapes and sizes, naturally. Seeing them come to life is almost like second nature now. To have a new device on the market that isn't mobile is almost not even worth it anymore. There are some devices, though, that we may not think could ever become truly "mobile". Many of the devices could be seen as impractical if they were actually made for on-the-go purposes. The thought of projectors, for example, could be seen as impractical at first thought. But, by showing off all of the capabilities and uses it could serve, something that could once be thought of as impractical, has now become practical and really cool!

So mobile projectors. You may have quite a few ideas of what they could be or how they could work. Well lets look at what Android has been cooking up.

The Keecker could be the next gadget you add to your "mobile" collection. Think for a minute of what a projector is used for. It's quite obvious; to display images on a much larger scale than any TV could, all while still keeping a clear and high resolution picture. It's the same concept as when you go to the movies, but now add the ability to control it with your phone and give it the capability to follow you around. Caught your attention a bit more didn't it.

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Yes, the new Keecker is a mobile Android-powered projector robot. Since it is smartphone controlled, you know you will never lose the remote. That is, unless you a prone to misplacing your phone. It is Android based and comes standard with Google Play access. The Google Play access means that you will be able to stream for any apps already built into Google Play. Apps such as Netflix and Youtube already come built into the machine. The built in speaker is quite the nice feature as well. Now, not only do you have the ability to watch TV on any wall of your choice, but you have a much more mobile boombox as well should you want to use it as a music player.

Even though it is mobile, the 1,280x800 resolution isn't that crazy. The 1,000-lumen count light does mean that it will be bright enough for you to enjoy it with the lights on though. And, yes, it does sound like the projector version of a roomba, but it is actually quite bigger than that. With the Keecker standing at 16 inches wide and 25 inches tall, it is not exactly an out-of-the way device. It is still mobile, just a bit bigger than you may be used to. With that being said, it could still be a worthy investment should you want it just for the mobility and the apps. The price tag of around $4,000 to $5,000 is quite a bit to ask for though, considering the limited resolution rate. Either way, don't expect to see this available anytime soon as it won't be out till Q4 of this year.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Epson 5020UBe Offers Quality Beyond It's Price Range

Without a doubt, Epson is one of the best projector manufacturers today. They offer a ton of products for entry level home theater systems. The Home Cinema 5020UBe is one of the higher end models that they offer right now. It is a THX certified 3LCD projector with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 2400 lumens rated light output. It has an integrated 3D transmitter and comes with two pairs of rechargeable RF 3D glasses. The "UB" in the name stands for UltraBack. This signifies better black-level performance and better contrast than most lower end models. The "e" means that the projector has a build in WirelessHD receiver. That allows you to send HDMI signals wirelessly.

The 5020UBe is 18.4 x 15.6 x 5.5 inches and weighs 18 pounds. The square cabinet has rounded edges and a nice black/white brushed finish. The center mounted lens uses a 230 watt E-TORL lamp, which has a life of up to 5,000 hours. There are focus dial on the top and a 2.1x zoom, and there are also controls for vertical and horizontal lens shifting, just like Epson's higher end models.

On the back panel, you have two HDMI inputs, a component video, a composite video, and a PC RGB input. There is also a trigger output and a RS-232 port. The WirelessHD transmitter has five HDMI inputs and an HDMI output. There is also an optical digital audio output in case your pre amp doesn't have an HDMI input.

The 5020UBe comes with pretty much any picture adjustment you would need. It has five 2D picture modes and three 3D picture modes. You also have options for color temperature, RGB offset and gain controls, skintone controls, a color management system, five gamma presets, and advanced sharpness controls. The projector has a refresh rate of 240Hz in 2D mode and 480Hz in 3D mode. There are different frame-interpolation modes to reduce blur.

One of the best things about this projector is how bright it is. It is bright enough that you could actually watch it in a room with your lights on and still be able to watch HD content. The brightness also makes for a really good 3D experience.

Overall, this is a wonderful projector, especially for the price. You get all of the same functions as Epson's higher end models, and the brightness of a more high end model as well.

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