Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What You Need To Know About Resolution Before Renting Or Buying A Projector

Last year there were a lot of resolution advancements, and along with it came major price changes in the projector world. Entry level projectors are now starting from as low as $300, but now the 1080p models have dropped in price tremendously as well. You can pick one up for well under $2000.

The lowest end projectors today will have a resolution of about 800 x 600, and can be bought for next to nothing. But these projectors aren't really good for a whole lot, and their pictures aren't even close to satisfying. These projectors account for a very small amount of sales, and are generally the ones you see used in elementary schools. Every current computer now has at least XGA resolution, and so are most tablets on the market like the iPad and most of the Android models. So if you are looking for crisp image reproduction, especially with small text and graphics, you need to make sure that your projector at least has XGA resolution or higher.

If you are looking for a projector for your business, you would benefit greatly from getting at least an entry level XGA resolution model or a widescreen WXGA model projector. This is the bare minimum that you should be using in order to deliver a professional presentation. If your budget allows, you could however step up to an SVGA projector with a higher brightness, or one of the many affordable 1080p models that are currently available.

For short term use for special projects, spending this type of money isn't really a great option. Instead of investing money in an outdated model that is going to deliver poor results, you can always consider a projector rental. Projector rentals are very affordable, and the staff will be able to answer any questions that you may have and be able to help you choose a model that will deliver the results you are looking for in order to make your presentation perfect in your specific setting. Even if you don't understand the details of projector technology, buying or renting from someone who knows what they are talking about can benefit you a great deal more than jumping blindly into an expensive investment.

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