Friday, June 27, 2014

What Is The Next Logical Step For Projectors?

Lets talk for a minute about something that I've really been wondering about lately. I'm a fan of new and emerging technology just like everyone else is. I love the newest tablets and smartphones just like everyone else. One of the technologies that I see trying to push the limits are projectors. There is literally so much that you can do with them nowadays. The technology is becoming more and more advanced at a pretty alarming rate it seems. We've seen a lot happen in the past year or so alone. It just makes me wonder, where is it going to go from here?

I've seen a lot of new technology surfacing for projectors. Whether it be portable, holographic, or interactive, there is no shortage of new features being developed for our projectors these days.

The portability of these projectors is something that has always interested me. The fact that we are such a constantly moving society really makes this a very reasonable step to make with projectors. We are always on the go, and it seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. Why do you think more and more types of technology have been becoming more mobile? To adapt to the speedy society we live in today! Our cars are fast. Our food is fast. Our technology is fast. Unless projectors plan to get left in the dust, being portable is something that is a must for this type of tech. That's why when I see projectors attached to phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, it gives me a bit of hope. The only thing with these projector-infused smartphones, is that they need to make sure that the projector itself isn't going to be some novelty feature and that it is focused on and developed properly.

Holograms are some of the other things that are just downright cool to look at. We're still far from the days of Star Wars technology, but we've already seen some holographic projection at events like Coachella. The closest thing we can get to right now for consumers, however, are projectors that allow you to see in 3D without the need for the glasses. While it may seem like we are backpedaling when it comes to this, there is something to consider; price. It takes thousands of dollars just to MAKE a holographic projector, therefore, the mark up price would make it basically impossible for a mass consumer market. It is really good idea, and I'm all for playing video games via holograms. The developers for this type of technology only need to continue to developing it in order to make it affordable for consumers. The good thing is that we're not far from this technology.

Interactive projectors are a bit more... impractical in my opinion. That is, at least, for the moment. There seems to be just too much that could go wrong with it in my opinion. The projector, cameras, and sensors, would have to go through constant recalibration, I feel. The idea itself is good for presentations. Make an interactive projector that can spruce up a business meeting and make it a bit more lively. That's completely fine. For use in a consumer mass market? I don't see it happening right now. Only reason being because of the limitations of the current technology we are using. Microsoft's Project Ripple has a good idea of where I feel interactive projectors should go. Couple that with holographic technology and you are basically in Iron Man's lab. Add in portability on top of the other two and you may as well be in the movie Tron.

All of these ideas and technologies sound promising. The only thing to really decide is what sounds MORE promising right now? The next step will be crucial in how projector sales continue. Yes, businesses will always need projectors, and that's fine. The real money lies within the mass consumer market though. In my personal opinion, I feel that portability should be the biggest concern for projector developers right now, simply because that seems to be the big trend right now. It's better to adapt now, and increase sales, than wait and deal with the consequences. Portable and Pico Projectors FTW.

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