Monday, July 16, 2012

Pixelworks Debuts New SoC for Next-Generation Projectors

Pixelworks has just announced that it has started shipping a new SoC that is targeted at next-generation, mainstream LCD and DLP projectors for use in the education, business and home theater segments. The new device is known as the Topaz SoC and, according to Pixelworks, supports 1080p and WUXGA 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions along with standard and non-standard 3D content. This includes 3D format decoding with a universal 3D glasses interface.

In addition to that, the SoC comes with a video decoder that supports 8/10 bit analog inputs or HDMI/DVI digital inputs (including HDMI 1.3, 1.4 3D), a USB 2.0 host controller, Ethernet MAC, on-screen display menu controller and an ARM9 processor, which allows you to enable projector vendors to use custom applications.

According to Senior Vice President of Pixelworks Graham Loveridge, "Current projector technology is undergoing a significant transition as more diverse and sophisticated applications become available, creating expanded opportunities for our newest family of products. The evolution in illumination engines and light source technology is migrating from traditional lamp-based light sources to LED and laser technologies, which will enable a lower cost of ownership as well as more compact and portable designs."

Pixelworks has yet to unveil any specific products that will feature the company's new SoC, though Pixelworks did say that the new SoC is targeted at mainstream LCD and DLP projectors for the education and business markets, as well as for use in the home theater market, which means that there could be a large assortment of projectors that will be utilizing Pixelworks' new SoC.

Source: Tom's Hardware - Pixelworks Launches SoC for Next-Gen LED, 3D Projectors
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