Monday, June 18, 2012

Sony Debuts New SRX-R515 4K Digital Projector

Sony recently debuted its brand new line of next-gen 4K digital projectors. What makes these projectors special, however, is that they are currently the very first 4K projectors in the industry to utilize high-pressure mercury lamps.

Known as the Sony SRX-R515 4K Digital Cinema Projection System, the physical device is currently being showcased at the CineEurope trade event currently in progress in Barcelona this entire week. Sony has specifically designed the SRX-R515 to be used in small or medium-sized screen auditoriums or for use in smaller cinemas that are working on a limited budget.

In addition to that, the SRX-R515 has been designed to offer brand new capabilities for purposes that are not too common in current projectors. This includes places like sports theaters and multi-user big-screen gaming, like tournaments or events.

According to Sony Digital Cinema's David McIntosh, this new compact projector comes with an increased flexibility with installation in smaller projection booths, which creates more operating space for smaller locations. McIntosh went on to say, "Blacks are incredibly detailed and we believe the picture quality with this projector, although it's lower cost and although it's aimed at a different market, the actual picture quality is astonishingly good, literally incredible."

McIntosh also added, "The smaller or medium-sized screen venues will be able to ensure that their customers are literally seeing the best possible picture on screen of any film that they're playing." The SRX-R515 comes with six high-pressure mercury lamps as opposed to the more traditional xenon lamps, which allows for quick and easy lamp replacement and a lower total cost of ownership for an estimated 10 years.

Source: Projector Point - Next generation 4K digital projector launched by Sony
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