Monday, May 7, 2012

Wolf Cinema Adds Two New Projectors to Reference Series

Wolf Cinema has just announced that the latest models in the company's signature Reference Series 2D and 3D theater projectors have already begun to be shipped. The new projectors coming to Wolf Cinema's lineup include the new REF-700 and the REF-1000. Both projectors are said to offer high-performance 3D images on screens up to 18 feet wide.

In addition to that, both models utilize modular Cermax xenon arc lamps along with three-chip DLP light engines and your choice of six different high-contrast VariScope primary lens packages. Wolf is also including with these projectors its advanced video-processing system with custom film algorithms, optional cinema Triple-Flash 3D imaging technologies and custom 3D glasses, according to the company. 

According to President of Wolf Cinema John Hunter, "The REF Series are extraordinary - frankly, we're surprised at how much we've been able to improve upon the visual performance of the previous generation. The imaging is cleaner, more highly resolved without looking etched and with greater sense of instantaneous dynamics when fast-transitioning between light levels."

Wolf's i-Box design, which is used in all of the company's Reference models, allows you to customize installations in difficult locations while ensuring long-life components. Each system uses high-velocity air flow directed throughout the chassis as well as over all the critical system components. The VariScope memory lens system also enables the viewing of a plethora of TV and film content without the need of any external anamorphic lenses. 

This technique accesses a wide range of aspect ratios, including 16:9 and even CinemaScope 2.35/2.40:1, and even stores them in memory for quick access from the projector's remote whenever you need it. The new Reference Series projectors are available as 2D-only or can be configured as Full 3D HD imaging systems. The 3D versions, however, do come with the latest TripleFlash imaging technologies, which allows for ultra-smooth, ghost-free performances. A near-field 3D emitter and four pairs of custom 3D glasses are included with each 3D projector and both the REF-700 and REF-1000 are shipping now for $75,000 retail. 

Source: Twice - Wolf Beefs Up Signature Projector Line
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