Sunday, February 12, 2012

BenQ Unveils Two New Laser Projectors

BenQ LX60STBenQ America, one of the most popular projector manufacturers in the country, has just unveiled an all new pair of short-throw video projectors specifically designed for use in the education industry. In addition to that, both of the new projectors use mercury-free blue core light engines for increased safety and environmental friendliness.

The new projectors have been labeled the LX60ST and the LW61ST. Both projectors were designed for a low total cost of ownership by using the blue core lighting engine, which uses a laser light source as opposed to the traditional mercury lamp. This allows both devices to achieve as much as 90% less light source power consumption, according to BenQ.

The technology also optimizes the units' brightness while offering a longer life span, according to the company. BenQ also announced that both the LX60ST and LW61ST offer an average 20,000 hours of brightness and produce an ultra-high 80,000:1 contrast ratio. An instant on/off feature also saves you a lot of time on start up and powering down while a manual brightness-level adjustment accommodates different classroom environments.

The SmartEco Advanced mode, found in both projectors, automatically determines the optimal brightness level based on your input source. At the same time, a No Source Detected mode automatically lowers brightness to 10% when no display has been detected for more than three minutes. Also, an Eco Blank mode enables blanking out the screens for both projectors when not in use to redirect students' focus, while also lowering light source power consumption to only 10%.

Finally, the BenQ blue core light engine classroom projectors offer 2,000 ANSI lumens brightness, XGA / WXGA resolution and 0.6 / 0.49 short-throw projection. Both projectors also feature two 10-watt built-in speakers, as well as a microphone input, Apple iPhone / iPad wireless display support, LAN display, USB display and 360-degree titled projection.

Source: Twice - BenQ Adds Laser Projection Pair

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