Thursday, January 12, 2012

QP Optoelectronics' LightPad Turns Your Smartphone into a Laptop/Projector

LightPadOne of the coolest new pieces of tech at CES 2012, at least in the projector world that is, is the LightPad, a pico projector combined with a keyboard and trackpad. All you have to do to make this thing work is plug your phone into the device and it beams whatever is on your screen to a nearby wall. However, that isn't the coolest part. The main feature for the LightPad is that you can flip the lid up and turn it into a makeshift laptop with software that adds a virtual mouse.

Some of the tech behind the LightPad has already been seen in mass production, specifically with Motorola's Atrix smartphone. The Atrix allows you to plug it in to a laptop-style dock and create a portable computer. However, there is one major difference between the Atrix from Motorola and the LightPad and that is that with the LightPad there is absolutely no LCD screen whatsoever.

Resolution for the LightPad tops off at 854 x 480, which is slightly less than your average smartphone screen. A second-generation model is already set to be released next year, which promises a 1,280 x 720 HD display upgrade. The projector for the LightPad, which wasn't on display at CES, is also able to cast a 40" diagonal image on any wall for a nice, big picture.

Aside from the projector and the keyboard, the enclosure for the LightPad also comes with a battery that is said to last up to five hours with performance increasing to seven hours on the second-generation model. In addition to that, the second-generation model promises to reduce the overall size and weight of the device while simultaneously boosting the brightness of the projector.

The LightPad is said to be shipping out in the second quarter of 2012, as stated by the device's manufacturer QP Optoelectronics Corporation. Aside from the release date, QP has yet to announce an official pricetag, though word from CES is that the company is expecting it to be around $300.

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