Friday, October 21, 2011

NEC Creates Mini Computer that Projects Images Directly on Your Eye

NEC Tele ScouterNEC just released a statement on Tuesday saying that it will begin selling a wearable mini-computer with a head-mounted display that projects its screen directly onto the naked eye.

Known as the "Tele Scouter", this device will initially be targeted at factory workers as well as other industrial settings. In addition to that, the company hopes to advance the technology to expand into the entertainment and augmented reality applications in the future. NEC stated that the computer is about the size of a thick paperback novel and can be worn clipped to the user's belt. The display is mounted to a pair of clear glasses, allowing the wearer to view the screen alongside the real world.

The display, which is manufactured by Japanese company Brother and known as the "AIRScouter", uses a tiny projector to flash images onto the wearer's naked eye. This allows the wearer to experience images as if they were being seen on a 16", 800 x 600 resolution screen from about 3 feet away.

Considering the fact that the image only takes up a small portion of the wearer's field of vision, NEC has stated that it is targeting applications where workers could use it to view instruction manuals or other images while on the job. The handset that comes with the device is equipped with a camera as well as microphone and NEC is also selling a software package that will allow supervisors at a remote control center to share images and chat with the workers via WiFi.

The small computer that hangs on your belt runs a version of Windows CE for embedded devices on a 500 MHz ARM processor. Overall, the entire package weighs less than 1 pound and will run for over four hours on a single charge. NEC stated that shipments will begin on December 26 and that the device will cost $5,200 per unit. The control system software will cost you an additional $26,000 as well.

Source: PC World - NEC to Sell Mini Computer With Eye Projection Screen

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