Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Projector & Screen Combo Rentals From

Projector & Screen Combo Rentals From Rentacomputer.comThe experienced Agents at can procure any kind of projector and projector screen, all in a single package for a single price, with just one point of contact - your Tech Travel Agent.

Why get A Projector & Screen Rental?

If you are planning to make a presentation at your next big business meeting, but do not have projector technology, then getting a projector and screen rental for this temporary need makes perfect sense. Our agents can procure the right kind of projector, and the right type of screen for your need.

Don't commit to purchasing technology for a temporary need if you don't have to! By contacting your Tech Travel Agent you can have your projector and screen rental delivered right your presentation location, and have it installed by our technicians. So contact your Tech Travel Agent today for your Projector & Screen Combo Rental, so that you can focus on making your presentation a success.

Projector Screen Types

Diffusion Screens:
You should get a Diffusion Projector Screen Rental when you need a large viewing angle so that the image is equally bright for all the seats in the theater. Diffusion style screens are best when you have a bright projector and good control of lighting conditions.

Reflective Screens:
This style of screen is suitable for rooms with some ambient light or for projectors with lower light output. These screens reflect light in the opposite direction of the projector and therefore should be used with ceiling mounted projectors.

Retroreflective Screens:
Retroreflective screens reflect the light primarily in the direction of the projector which makes them perfect for floor or table mounted projectors. Retroreflective screens are also very good at dealing with ambient light.

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