Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sony Unveils HDR-JP50 Handycam Projector

Sony HDR-PJ50 Handycam ProjectorSony has just recently unveiled its newest Handycam Projector. This new device will allow users to project HD video onto flat surfaces literally moments after the image or video has been shot or captured.

The launch of the HDR-PJ50 in India is the latest device to roll out in a series of Handycam Projector models that have been designed with a built-in high contrast projector on the outside of a flip-out LCD panel. This gives users a simple, yet effective way to replay videos or images without the need or hassle of additional cables, a computer or any other device.

The compact LED projector allows videos as well as images to be projected at up to 1.5 meters onto walls, ceilings, screens or any other flat surface you can find with the optimum projecting distance being about 3 meters. The 220GB internal hard drive provides storage for the captured video and images while the Highlight Playback feature allows for quick and easy playback of videos and images.

The new Handycam Projector series comes with an advanced Clear Phase 5.1 channel stereo speaker with S-Master digital amplifiers in order to produce clear, dynamic sound. However, if you desire a more cinematic feel to your sound, you can always connect your device to an external 5.1 home cinema system using the integrated 3.5mm audio input.

The Advanced Wind Noise Reduction feature allows you to keep noise and wind interference to a minimum when shooting videos. Another useful feature is the Optical SteadyShot which automatically corrects shaky videos and is ideal for capturing fast moving footage like sporting events.

If highly portable projectors that double as cameras are something you have always dreamed about, then give the HDR-PJ50 Handycam Projector from Sony a try.

Source: Projector Point - Sony Introduces latest Handycam Projector

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