Thursday, April 21, 2011

Replacing Your Projector Lamp Is Easier Than You Think

projectorsIf you own a projector, whether it be for your classroom, business or entertainment room, then you probably know that the lamps for such projectors rely on some sophisticated technology. The projectors we have at our disposal today can do things we wouldn't even have dreamed of 10 years ago. Thankfully, taking care of projectors and their associated lamps and such is not nearly as complicated as you would imagine.

There have been numerous blog posts explaining how performing routine maintenance on your projector is actually quite simple and straightforward and takes little mechanical skill. One such story comes from and explains the simplicity in doing projector maintenance.

According to the site, "Despite the high level of electrical engineering that goes into a projector, the smart folks who designed them also made it very easy for the end user to perform everyday maintenance on the projector."

If you are stuck with the task of buying a new projector bulb, you should know that companies have two basic options. You can either get a lamp in module or a bare lamp.

The lamp in module involves an extremely straightforward installation process. Basically, the only thing you need to do is push your new lamp into place and you are as right as rain. Now you may be asking yourself, "If this is so easy, then why do people opt for another solution?" The simple answer is that it is cheaper.

A lot of businesses can save a nice chunk of change by going with a bare lamp. Bare lamps do not require much more work to install than the lamp in module and the installation also involves three simple steps. The good news is that each step doesn't really require any skill to complete.

With a bare lamp replacement all you have to do is remove the housing and clips with a Phillips head screwdriver. The actual process takes about five minutes, but it can also result in you saving about $100.

"Once you find out how easy it is, you will question why you had not purchased a bare lamp in the first place!" states

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