Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lunette Curved Screens from Elite Screens

Lunette Curved ScreenWhat good is a projector without a screen? Well, not good, to be honest. Sure you can project the image on a bed sheet or a wall but if you are going to fork over the cash for a high end projector, you want to watch it on something that really makes the picture pop. Projector screens vary dramatically, but there is a new one that just hit the market that has a lot of potential.

Projector screen manufacturer Elite has just launched their newest product in their line of projector screens, a new curved screen. This new screen is said to give you, the viewer, the impression that you are literally being drawn into the images being projected.

This screen, known as the Lunette screen, is the latest product in Elite's display offerings and is aimed primarily at giving home cinema junkies, as well as major presentation venues, the best possible projector surface for their films and images.

What happens is that the screen enhances the aesthetic appeal of the display through the curve of the material. This allows it to eliminate the problem of what is known in the projector world as the "pincushion effect." The pincushion effect is common when you project in a widescreen format.

The pincushion effect happens when the center of a widescreen screen appears to droop inwards due to the increased length of the aspect ratio. This basically means that light from your projector must travel further to the sides of the screen. When it does this, you get a more distorted image on screen.

The Lunette measures 85 to 166 inches diagonally and displays in HDTV 16:9 or in widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratios. Elite offers many different surface options for your screen including their CineWhite tension matte white 1.1 gain material. This is black-backed in order to minimize light penetration. You can also get the acoustically transparent AcousticPro1080 matte white woven material with black fabric backing material. The screen itself is edged with a 3.5-inch thick frame and is coated in black velour in order to eliminate light reflection.

The Lunette Screen from Elite Screens is available now for a starting price of $919.

Source: Projector Point
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