Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watch The Big Games on a Big Screen

Football Games on the Big ScreenThe leaves will begin to change soon, the weather will start to cool down and huge, giant men will strap on helmets and start pounding each other into the dirt. That's right, it's football season. A time for big hits, big spirits and big parties. Now if you ask me, the only way to enjoy big spirits at big parties watching big hits is by doing so on a big screen. There is nothing quite like watching your favorite NFL heroes duking it out on a screen the size of your living room wall.

A projector is your one way ticket to life-sized football games in your own living room. Projectors are capable of offering you the best value in big screen viewing with the lowest cost per viewing inch of any current big screen TV. Besides having a big screen, going with a projector has some other pretty nice benefits.

Some of the benefits to a projector are: Projectors can produce huge images; they are not fixed in size so you can adjust your screen depending on the situation or mood; projectors are multipurpose and can work with computers, DVD players, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players; projectors allow for excellent portability usually weighing less than 10lbs; building a home theater for your projector can be a simple and fun DIY project; projectors are cheaper and easier to ship than a standard television and watching a movie, or anything for that matter, on a projector is as close to a movie theater that you can get.

Now I know that a plasma screen, rear projection screen or LCD TV can look really really good, but the biggest one you can typically find is 80 inches. Some projectors can produce images on a screen size of up to 300 inches! You can also save a ton of money on a projector. Your average cost of buying a projector is between $300 and $500.

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Source: The Projector People

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