Saturday, July 17, 2010

Renting a Projection Screen: Things to Consider've got a big event coming up and you need to get prepared for it. You've got your PowerPoint ready to go and your company has a projector you can use - so all you need to do is rent a projection screen and you're set...right? large is the room you are presenting in? What is the height of the ceiling? How many people are you presenting to? Is there a stage or will it be on ground level? How far will the projector be from the screen? Are you projecting from the front or do you need to project from behind the screen? How bright is the room and how much can you reduce the lighting if you need to? Are you presenting still slides, video, or perhaps both? Do you only need it for the day or will you need it for several days? Will you need the screen again anytime in the near future?

You might be asked any or all of these questions when you rent a projector screen...and they can be somewhat intimidating. There are lots of factors to consider, depending on the event. Choosing the right projection screen can be the difference between your presentation making an impact and having the screen be a distraction because your audience can't see what you are trying to show them.

Projection screens come in a variety of sizes from small tripod-types that can set on a tabletop or the floor to large movie-theater sized screens that spread the expanse of a stage. They also are made with a variety of different types of materials that can affect reflectivity, resolution, contrast, color uniformity, and viewing angle. So picking the right one isn't always as simple as it sounds.

Luckily, there are experienced tech-rental companies out there who know projection screens forwards and backwards...literally! From the smallest conference room meeting to large convention hall events, your rental agent can assist you in selecting the perfect screen for your needs. But it will help them to help you get the right screen for your presentation if you come armed with a few basic answers:

What is the size of your venue?
This is typically information any event venue can provide, complete with ceiling clearances and any other special considerations you may need to know about.

What is the size of your audience?
It makes a difference if you are presenting to 50 people or 500 or even 5000. In one case your audience might be sitting directly in front of the screen, where in others they might be spread out more to the sides where viewing angle might be affected.

When do you need it?
Sure, you might be thinking about only this one presentation on one specific day. But perhaps you are going to repeat the presentation several times over the course of the next few months? Or perhaps you need to travel to several different cities to do the presentation and don't want to lug the equipment around with you?

The size of your venue and size of your audience are probably the two most important considerations when it comes to screen rental. Most experienced rental companies can get a good idea of what you need based on those two factors.

Rental companies rent by the day, week and month. So knowing ahead of time if you will need the screen more than once may give your rental provider a way to save you money versus a typical daily rental.

You may be asked those other, more detailed questions as well - so be as prepared as possible to answer them. A good, experienced rental company will know when to ask them. For larger or specialty events, they may want to do a site visit to get more details to offer the best solution. But in most cases, having these three basic pieces of information will be exactly what they need to get you the right screen at the best rates.

So don't take short cuts when renting a projection screen. Be prepared with your event information in order to get the right projection screen for your event. In the end, it's not the screen you want them to's your presentation!

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