Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Short-Throw Projectors for Your Presentation Needs

Often, presentations are limited by their projectors. When presentation space is limited, presentors have to spend more time and effort setting up the projector to project an image the whole audience can see. Short-throw projectors can eliminate this problem.

A short-throw projector is any projector with a throw ratio less than 1. The throw ratio is the ratio of distance to projecting surface to the size of the projection; a projector with a throw ratio of 1 can project an 8 foot screen from 8 feet away. Ultra short-throw projectors have throw ratios less than 0.4.

Short-throw projectors are great for small venues. Because the projector can be much closer to the projection surface, the presenter can get closer to the image without casting a shadow. Also, when presentation space is limited, short-throw projectors may be the only way to project a screen large enough for the audience to see clearly.

Short- and ultra short-throw projectors typically come in the 2000 lumen range, such as the Epson PowerLite 410W. 2000 lumen projectors are recommended for presentations with audiences of up to 100 (visit us online for projector brightness guidelines). However, there are short-throw projectors available with 3500 lumens and beyond, such as the MP776 by BenQ.

Short-throw projectors are not much more expensive than their normal-throw counterparts. They may be just the solution you need for your next presentation.

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