Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Different Types of Projectors You Can Rent

Different Types of Projectors You Can Rent

So, you've made the decision to rent a projector. Maybe you're using it for a big business presentation or to train new employees, or maybe it's not business-related and you're using it for an upcoming family reunion. But there are so many different types of projectors to choose from, how do you know which ones will fit your needs? Here is a look at a few different types of projectors that you can rent from RentOurProjectors.com.

Ultra Portable Projectors: If you haven't noticed, technology seems to get smaller and smaller every year. People are giving up desktops for laptops and turning to mobile phones to do things they would have done on a computer just a few years ago. Well, the same can be said for projectors. Many projectors weigh less than four pounds (with some even weighing 1.5 pounds) and are so small they fit in the palm of your hand. They are high-quality, just because you go for a smaller size, doesn't mean you are compromising your picture, and easy to use if you have to move from place to place.

High Definition Projectors: When it comes to TV and computer monitors, HD is all the rage and the same can be said for projectors. High Definition projectors have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 1080p. While a standard 800 x 600 projector may look good, an HD projector will look amazing. If you want to impress people with extremely clear, sharp images, HD is the way to go.

DVD Projectors: DVD projectors are pretty self-explanatory. If you have a DVD you want to show to a large group, these are great alternatives. Teachers use them to show DVDs to their classrooms and families use them for parties or family night. Smaller venues who can't afford to buy fancy equipment often depend on DVD projectors when the need to play a DVD arises.

Wireless Projectors: A wireless projector allows you to connect to a computer (or several computers) via Wi-Fi. These are great for computer lab-style classrooms and training sessions because users can make presentations from any computer in a room or toggle back and forth between multiple computer sources. It also allows you to to make a presentation without worrying about annoying cables and your proximity to your source.

DLP Projectors: If you need to make an animated presentation, a DLP projector is the right choice for you. These high-quality projectors can project images at near 35mm or 70mm film quality without negative effects such as film scratches and "screen door" effects. Pictures are smooth and high-contrast.

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