Saturday, March 13, 2010

NEC's New DLP Projector for Schools

NEC's New DLP Projector for Schools
NEC, a company that makes commercial LCD displays and projector solutions, has announced the latest in their NP Portable Series, a fully-featured NP216 DLP projector, which is perfect for educational environments.

It provides brilliants images, advanced capabilities with educational applications or conference room users that would like to use DLP technology and comprehensive connectivity. Both teachers and professionals will enjoy the dual VGA inputs that enhance the user experience by allow multiple computer inputs. In addition, the input panel includes improved RS-232 and RJ45 connections for advanced control and asset management.

Developed by Texas Instruments, the latest in DLP Link technology allows users to project 3D images, which in turn, allows teachers to grab students' attention and keep them engaged like never before. And the variable audio-out feature enables users to connect self-powered external speakers to ensure proper sound for any size classroom.

"NEC’s new NP216 offers educators flexible connectivity options that work for them and allows simple technology integration into the classroom. Teachers and corporate users alike will find the expansive feature set to be incredibly versatile and functional, providing them with the tools they need to effectively communicate to their audience.” Rich McPherson, NEC's product manager for projectors said in a press release.

The NP216's lamp life is 5000 hours with the use of its ECO ModeT technology. Power consumption is 217W (0.49 in standby mode). The projector turns off automatically when an incoming signal is not detected on any input and it takes only about three or four seconds to shut down and start up, meaning there is no need for a cooling period or no long wait when you need to use it quick. The included remote control even includes a green ECO Mode button that works alongside a carbon footprint meter to improve the projector's environmental impact.

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