Monday, November 23, 2009

Sony Unveils New Home Theater Line

Sony Unveils New Home Theater Range

Have you been thinking about converting a room into a home theater or gaming room? Or maybe you just want widescreen, high definitions movies in your living room or bedroom? Either way, Sony Australia has announced a line-up of new home theater projectors that promise to be great for any room in your house. The range has three new models: the VPLBW7, the Bravia VPLHW15, and the Bravia VPLVW85. The projectors will be available through Sony authorized AV dealers and IT distributors by the end of November 2009.

The VPLBW7 is the entry level model but according to Sony, lower price doesn't mean compromising quality. Its compact size makes it a great projector for any room in the house. It's also great for any lighting conditions. Vincent Bautista, a product manager for Sony, calls it "heaven sent for apartment dwellers who may not have the long throw distances required for a traditional projector. It's low price ($1,795) also makes it attractive to average gaming and entertainment enthusiasts.

The Bravia VPLHW15 is the middle projector in the range and is designed specifically for movie buffs and home entertainers. The projector has SXRD technology which minimizes the the space between pixels and dot-less picture, regardless of the surface your image is being projected onto. It also responds to the light in the room and selects the optimum contrast levels automatically. Priced at $4,299, the VPLHW15 is a great piece of equipment for anyone who is looking for a "fully immersive home theater that doesn't break the bank," says Bautista.

The top model in the line is the Bravia VPLVW85 and it is made specifically for those looking for the ultimate home theater technology. The premium projector has already won the European Imaging and Sound Association Award for Best Product 2009-2001 in the video projector category. "The VPLVW85 gives consumers looking for the very best in home theatre exactly what they’ve been after. This projector delivers on the promise of a true cinematic experience for AV enthusiasts who are looking to give their home and family the best home theatre experience possible," Bautista said of the $8,999 projector.

All three projectors are designed to be flexible and easy for users to setup in their homes.

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