Friday, August 28, 2009

LP-XU10 the brightest projector under 4 kilograms

Sanyo has announced a new lightweight projector called the LP-XU106. The release date for this projector will be on November 20th. The projector weights exactly 3.4 kilograms, making it the brightest projector in its class. It projects at 4,500 lumens and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio because of the inorganic LCD panel for the optical engine, making this perfect for projecting in bright rooms. The lens has a 1.6x zoom. It also has Corner Keystone Correction Function and an Easy Setup Function. This will allow a clean crisp image without putting up a white screen or a sheet at a 1024×768 resolution and is able to put up a 40in to 300in projection.

A cool feature that the projector offers is an Ethernet port that allows you to control the projector over a network. The LP-XU106 has mono speakers; also has RCA Video, S-video, and 2 VGA inputs. This is a perfect projector for people who are traveling doing business because of how light and compact it is. The LP-XU106 will cost 575,400 yen, which roughly converts into $6,100 USD.
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