Thursday, June 4, 2009

Light Blue Optic's New Projector Development

Light Blue Optics announced that they will be demonstrating their latest technological development in miniature projection systems to their key customers and partners at Display Week in San Antonio, Texas. Utilizing their holographic laser projection technology, Light Blue Optics has created a small accessory projector that produces bright high quality video and WVGA-QVGA images. This amazing little projector can produce 10 lumens or more depending on the content being displayed. Because of the laser-based technology, you no longer have to worry about focusing the content shown for a clear presentation. Images stay focused at any distance from the projector. This projector also features an optical architecture that allows the system to be safe under all normal uses. It meets the most rigorous Class 1 laser safety qualifications and has opened up a variety of high-volume applications in consumer electronics.

Another fascinating feature of this new little projector is its ability to switch from the typical wall projection to a newly developed table down projection mode. In this mode, the projector is placed on the table and the display is projected down onto the table in front of it. The user is then able to view and present their material in a more accessible way without having to hold the projector steady in their hand the entire time. An additional configuration of the projector will allow the user to interact with multimedia content. With this astounding feature, any flat surface can instantly be turned into an interactive touch-sensitive display.

Light Blue Optics has most definitely made leap and bounds in the development of projectors. This amazing new projector incorporates the latest holographic laser technology with new display modes and touch-sensitive interaction. I can’t think of what could be more useful than this fantastic projector and can’t wait till it is finally released.

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